90 Minute Coaching Session - Jean Wiley

90 Minute Coaching Session

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I schedule for EASTERN Daylight Time in the US ~ please convert the time if you live in a different time zone ~

Year ahead transits - watermarks, peak periods as well as areas in which to exercise discernment and patience.

We discuss specific areas of focus/concern.  This differs from the 60 minute session allowing more time for discussion on personal approach and extenuating circumstances as we go more in-depth into current desires, challenges and decisions. 

Areas may include but are not limited to:

  • Career
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Building Emotional and Intuitive Skills
  • Life Purpose
  • Family Dynamics
  • Finances
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Creative Projects
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Specific dates of events that are of interest to you (please include in Areas of Focus in Client Form)

Working with your natal birth chart I discuss with you probabilities, potential solutions, action items and approaches. Drawing from my years of human development expertise, training skills and strong intuition I will suggest areas ripe for growth and expansion as I offer support and guidance.

My ability to identify and dismantle challenging childhood experiences fuels my compassion and empathy to guide others in comprehending and fully integrating their own life challenges.

Depending on the scope of your goals or levels of personal resistance (ie: fears) you may decide to move into a monthly coaching package.


Additional Services Available!

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+ $35.00 Add your Solar Return Chart

Your annual birthday carries it's own unique set of transits and energy. Your personal yearly solar cycle addresses the energy that is manifested on your birthday which unfolds throughout the year. 


+ $35.00 Add your Relocation Chart

When you move from your birth location your chart moves with you indicating different tendencies and focus.


+ $70.00 Add BOTH Relocation and Solar Return Charts


All additional services can be added at the bottom of your client form below. Standard 90 Minute Coaching Session is automatically selected as your base service unless otherwise chosen.

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"In the short time we have worked together you have proven to be a respectful, open, honest, direct and extremely helpful business guide and mentor. Your talents, knowledge and care for clients are un-matched by anyone in your field. It’s truly a pleasure working with you!" ~ Robert, CEO