12 Month Subscription:  In-depth Monthly Written Forecast  ~ - Jean Wiley

12 Month Subscription: In-depth Monthly Written Forecast ~

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Your Monthly Written Forecast delivers a roadmap for the month ahead with a healthy dose of Soulful Intuition ~

A Unique Gift ~


Sent at the beginning of each month discussing the Potential, Growth and Teaching for the month ahead.

~Please allow 1 to 2 business days for set up after your order is received. 

~ GIFTS:  2019 Year Ahead Video included in your subscription

 ~Your purchase is for a 12 month subscription (12 Monthly Soul Notes)

~The Service is based on your Ascendant Sign (birth time) which sets up the house system (1st House or Rising Sign, the planets that are transiting through the specific houses in your chart and the themes of development and activity each month).  If birth time is unknown then your Sun Sign ~

If you prefer your subscription under your SUN SIGN rather than ASCENDANT SIGN then please write after your Name "SUN SIGN"

Soul Note Example:


Your income, personal esteem and perhaps even finances should be on the increase as Venus transits your 2nd house of personal resources, beautiful items, friendships and talents through March 26th.  The New Moon in Pisces on March 6th is highlighting new patterns and energy in your 3rd house of self-expression, locale, short trips, neighbors, siblings and relatives.  There is a huge focus all month in this area of your life.  More will come into focus when Mercury stations direct on the 28th and bringing clarity in your daily habits, health, work and productivity.  Pets and their situation may be a theme through the month. 


Mercury stations retrograde on March 6th in your 3rd house of communications, mental patterns and daily rhythms.  You are encouraged to take some time to get in touch with your thoughts, projects and plans while committing to taking no "new" action in these very areas until Mercury stations direct on the 28th.  Humans struggle with the idea of linear time and constant developments in the external.  This transit communicates that a review is in order and to release external expectations.  Things are in a state of gestation and your mind needs some rest and space.  You may reconnect with neighbors or family members for the purpose of gaining clarity and revisiting relationship themes.  The Universe is working diligently on your behalf behind the scenes.  The Full Moon in your 10th house of reputation, outer life, work and life direction grows full on the 20th bringing some sort of culmination, acknowledgement, or conclusions in your outer life.  You may be finishing up a career project or job.  A supervisor, authority figure or parent's situation may bring developments and conclusions.  This Full Moon in Libra is sensitive and perhaps even vulnerable as it opposes the wounded healer Chiron in your 4th house of security and personal life.  Relating dynamics are highlighted and the more aware you are the more you position yourself to make  positive changes that may be required for you or a family member's health and healing.

Uranus, the disrupter, awakener and rebel transits out of your 4th house and into your 5th house of children, creative inspiration and love life from March 6 -  April 2026.  These areas will be a source of surprise, disruption, innovation and awakening into the years ahead.  The younger generation, unexpected pregnancies, unusual romantic partners and strong personal freedom urges will be a strong force for growth and evolution.


You are being encouraged to find the inner strength and courage to step into the unknown.  New opportunities may present themselves in the area of relationships, home, or career.  There might be plans brewing to move, study or travel; or embark on an exciting new endeavor.  Pay attention to the signs and seize the moment when it arises.  Be optimistic and move with the changing tides.  Embrace the mystery in the unknown. ~