12 Month Subscription:  In-depth Monthly Written Forecast  ~ - Jean Wiley

12 Month Subscription: In-depth Monthly Written Forecast ~

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Your Monthly Written Forecast delivers a roadmap for the month ahead with a healthy dose of Soulful Intuition ~

A Unique Gift ~


Sent at the beginning of each month discussing the Potential, Growth and Teaching for the month ahead.

~Please allow 1 to 2 business days for set up after your order is received. 

~ GIFTS:  2019 Year Ahead Video included in your subscription.  The Evolutionary 2020 Year Ahead video will be included at the end of this year ~

 ~Your purchase is for a 12 month subscription (12 Monthly Soul Notes)

~The Service is based on your Ascendant Sign (birth time) which sets up the house system (1st House or Rising Sign, the planets that are transiting through the specific houses in your chart and the themes of development and activity each month).  If birth time is unknown then your Sun Sign ~

If you prefer your subscription under your SUN SIGN rather than ASCENDANT SIGN then please write after your Name "SUN SIGN"