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Jean Wiley

Spiritual and Intuition Session December 10th

Spiritual and Intuition Session December 10th

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Sunday, December 10th 3-5 pm EASTERN US Time

This is a Spiritual Medium reading (receiving messages from Spirit).  In the last session the spirits/guides lined up waiting for their turn to connect with the participants

Do you wonder if you have a Guide?
We all have supportive assistance from the other side ~
  • I'll discuss your intuitive connection and life path tied to your birth chart
  • Classroom-style instruction on practical methods for accessing higher realms of insight and intuition

I'll be using your 'Soul Chart' the Sidereal perspective. Meet your guide and insight into your intuitive capacity.

Nuts and Bolts:

The Zoom Registration Link will be sent to you on Friday, December 8th

I encourage you to register early well before the Webinar to avoid any confusion or stress. 

If you are unable to attend the webinar the replay link will be sent to all who registered.


Discussion and then individual sessions.

Your video and mic will be opened to ask questions during your session.

Please mute your microphone and video during the gathering

Replay link is yours to reference into the future (sent out 2 days after session)

Seating is limited to 10 people

Feedback from former Soul Sessions Webinar:

"I really enjoyed my reading as well as those who participated. I felt there was a lot of crossover in advice which I found fascinating. It also made me feel part of a community. I also found that sidereal astrology gave me a more liberal view of myself and made more sense, (especially compared to the "mothering" part assigned to me through tropical cancer rising. Gemini rising as explained by you, was a better fit, as was my north node being in Aquarius). I kept having epiphanies the next day" ~Suzanna

"Amazing session. Jean is such a talented, connected soul. I had to schedule a private reading right away as she resonated so much with me!" ~Leigh


Experienced Medium, Channel, Coach, and Astrologer.

With over 20 years in Human Development, Jean has guided thousands of individuals on their personal, spiritual, and professional journeys. Her refined skill set empowers transformation, provides unwavering support, and sessions that fosters growth well beyond the current timeline.

Her YouTube videos have garnered over one million views, a testament to her unwavering dedication to facilitating collective evolution, healing, and igniting creative expression within the Earth School community.


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