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Jean Wiley

FREE (a gift for you) ~ Developing a Spiritual Practice

FREE (a gift for you) ~ Developing a Spiritual Practice

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"Because this is a powerful time on planet for reawakening in some cases these long-forgotten talents and skills of yours, we would like to bring in from our perspective what this can feel like and different ways to approach this dimensional side of self." ~Guides

This is for the beginning practitioner, "how do I start meditating" and those of you already working your practice.  This 30 minute channeled video discusses in a grounded manner your energy system, preparing your mind for connection as well as a step by step spiritual protocol.

Developing Spirituality Practice ~ Video Link

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"This was so helpful. I loved the way Jean’s guides explained in detail how to feel, how to sense, how to just be and allow. Thank you so much!" Eilyen~

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