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Jean Wiley

Dimensional Wisdom; Messages from Spirit

Dimensional Wisdom; Messages from Spirit

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Sunday, February 25th 3-5 pm EASTERN US Time

Do you wonder if you have supportive assistance aiding you from the other side?

This is a Spiritual Medium reading (receiving messages from Spirit).  You may receive insight from your higher self, a departed loved one, or dimensional guide. These connections can shift over time depending your personal life themes and situation.  In other words, you have more than one resource assisting you during your earth incarnation.

I'll be referencing your 'Soul Chart' the Sidereal perspective to gain insight into your soul embodied human journey.

Nuts and Bolts:

The Zoom Registration Link will be sent to you on Friday, January 19th ~ PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER

I encourage you to register early well before the Webinar to avoid any confusion or stress. 

The replay link will be sent to all who registered.


Discussion and then individual sessions.

Your video and mic will be opened to ask questions during your session.

Please mute your microphone and video during the gathering

Replay link is yours to reference into the future (sent out 2 days after session)

Seating is limited to 10 people

Feedback from last webinar:

Thank you again for all you do for so many of us.  After thinking more about the session, the man who came thru being From the Netherlands or Dutch. It would not  have been my birth Dad but rather my great grandfather or Great Uncle from my birth Mom’s side of the family   They were Dutch, hard working and very business savvey.  So it makes sense he would give me advise in my business. ~MT

I didn’t recognize my guide at that time, but shortly after you started with the next person, I was shown just who that woman was that was talking about drinks in her hand and swimming pools!!  Her name is Georgine and she was my mother’s best friend next door to us.  I was babysitting her children when I was around 10 years old.  I saw her face, house, children, swimming pools, etc…. She was one sassy woman with the greatest heart ever.  I’m glad she came through to speak with me. Thank you so much for sharing your abilities! ~LL

I am amazed and thankful at the same time that I attended the session!!  You are truly gifted and I remain grateful for the teachings that you share on YouTube. ~GS


Experienced Medium, Channel, Coach, and Astrologer.

With over 20 years in Human Development, Jean has guided thousands of individuals on their personal, spiritual, and professional journeys. Her refined skill set empowers transformation, provides unwavering support, and sessions that fosters growth well beyond the current timeline.

Her YouTube videos have garnered over one million views, a testament to her unwavering dedication to facilitating collective evolution, healing, and igniting creative expression within the Earth School community.


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