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Jean Wiley

"Change the Narrative" Webinar (DNA, Crystal, Managing Mind)

"Change the Narrative" Webinar (DNA, Crystal, Managing Mind)

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Watch this topic rich video (1 hour and 22 minutes video link) that you will want to review again and again discussing:

The Human Race and Galactic History

Codons and DNA shifts

How to work with Plasma Energy

Crystal functions – the Pineal Gland and Earth’s Core

Mental Limitations both the encoding and breaking through

Periods of Rest and timing

Distinction between Manifesting and Soul Path Themes

Managing and awareness of your own emotions and thought patterns

The shift from self-recrimination to love, acceptance and personal nurturing

Yours to review, refer to and lovingly integrate as we move through this era of shifting consciousness, love and the path to personal healing. 

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Feedback from attendees: 

"Jeans webinar was phenomenal. The insight, information and variety of topics was so profound and out of this world amazing. I felt so much expansion during and after. It opened me up to new information that is vital at this ever-changing time."

"Just listening to the webinar activated something in me that brought forth so much passion, hope, motivation, and understanding. It has raised my energy vibration to a higher frequency level."

"She is brilliant and wise beyond years, compassionate, caring and transparent. She shows up and speaks her truth. I absolutely resonate with everything she shares. She has a great sense of humor, and always put a smile on my face and lights up my heart."

"She is such a gifted being of light. She teaches on a level that is easy to understand, empowering and helps to always see the bigger picture."

She is so open and grounded. I feel like I have known her for lifetimes. If you are looking to up level in any aspect of your life, or learn more to assist you on your journey I would highly recommend Jean. She is wonderful in every way."


Much Love, Jean ~


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