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Jean Wiley

Past Life Sessions

Past Life Sessions

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Sunday, June 23rd from 6:30-9:00 pm EASTERN Daylight Time 

We gather to explore past life themes operating in your current life experience. Reading thousands of lovely souls, my guides delve into your Akashic Record to another personal lifetime that is operating in your current human life.

Are you curious about your soul history?

Join us as we investigate past life themes influencing your current life. Humanity is awakening to its true nature as infinite souls, experiencing multiple realities in the present moment.

We are not intended to have full recall, as that would contaminate the earthly human adventure of incarnation. Yet, as more and more parallel/past life information seeps through, it encourages a more comprehensive view of your divine nature.


You are more than just your conscious memory

There is intelligent universal design assisting you

That your soul journey is intelligent and deliberative

The wonderment tied to expanding your perception

Nuts and Bolts:

Your Zoom Invitation link will be sent upon registration.

Your forever Replay Link will be sent to you 

If you are unable to attend the webinar the replay link will be sent to all who registered


Overview and session order.

Video and mic open to ask questions during and after.

Feedback from Former Sessions:

"Thank you, Jean, for the life affirming session through your Parallel Lives Webinar. The messages soothed me in knowing the ‘why’ behind my life journey this time around. They provided great context and a dynamic healing balm. I am immensely grateful as I can now go forward in confidence knowing that my path thus far has not been in vain and am on the right track. Such clarity brings foundational validation and peace." KK ~

"I am so grateful for the life altering insights you and the guides have provided!"  MT ~

"Thanks for this thought-provoking experience. I have followed your posts for many, many years. So glad I participated in one of your webinars." ~CD


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