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Jean Wiley

Pluto Return and Global Transformative Change

Pluto Return and Global Transformative Change

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In this channeled audio session the Guides discuss the three different "strands" of consciousness that people are currently aligning with and participating in.

The United States is now moving through it's first Pluto Return in the country's birthchart.  Historically this highlights a nations systems, institutions and government that is experiencing a spiritual death in order to rebirth itself into a more conscious and functional country.

Pluto returns highlight that which is in a state of dysfunction and decay.

"These are themes we see at this juncture through these three strands of choices and responses in the mass population moving forward. We send blessings of light to all souls who are in a state of great growth and development." ~ The Guides

Purchase to listen to your 20 minute downloadable mp3 audio session and to read the written transcript.


 Photo by Beth Robson Photography

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