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Jean Wiley

Phone/Skype Relationship Session

Phone/Skype Relationship Session

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Should you wish to include a third person in this session, an additional fee of $100.00 will be invoiced, and I will collect the supplementary birth data. (Please note the limit of 3 persons.)

This session offers profound insights into the dynamics of your relationships, encompassing karmic connections, lessons, and guidance on how to mutually support each other within your relational exchange.

Relevant for personal, business, and social relationships.

I will delve into the upcoming year's transits for you, as well as provide an overview for your partner.

This session operates on an energetic level, utilizing intuitive and psychic connections with both your guides, my guides, and the chart mappings of you and your partner.

For enhanced insights, compatibility assessment, and areas of growth, I employ both progressed and composite charts.

My exploration encompasses the natal chart of each individual, along with the energetic interplay within the partnership.

Frequently, I identify karmic debts and the potential for transformative learning through relationships.

The session will be recorded and provided to you in an mp3 format, ensuring you have it for future reference.

My scheduling adheres to Eastern Daylight Time in the US. If you find yourself in a different time zone, kindly make the necessary adjustments.

The client form below necessitates input for both yourself and your partner. It is strongly recommended to provide confirmed birth times for this service.

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE: Please complete the client form, providing accurate birth data if available, along with their contact information. If you don't have the birth data, simply fill out the form with relevant information and specify in the FOCUS area that it's intended as a gift certificate.

Upon completion, you will receive an Electronic Gift Certificate to present to your recipient, along with instructions for them to contact me in order to schedule."

No refunds are issued once session time is scheduled and confirmed

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