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  • Hi Jean!
    I’m a top-tier prescriber on Patreon, & I know their are discounts available to these clients on some of your services.
    I’m wondering if there’s any discount you are or will be offering for the 2020yr ahead?
    I’m a Scorpio/Libran cusper (10.23.80—8:59 pm in Eau Claire, WI); & have Gemini as my ascendant (I believe that’s the correct term) so in the past I’ve purchased all three.
    Please advise if purchasing all three again is helpful, if not, what you’d recommend; as well as confirming any discount on this service for Patreon clients!

    Thank you again for WHO you are and all you do… the life-coaching component of your work (despite not yet being able to afford this service individually yet) is a trait that shines so clearly in all your messages. You’re authentically honest, but deliver information, in my opinion, that brings it all into the Light.
    This is something I try to do with everything. I’ve had significant trauma/abuse/painfully shattering experiences throughout the entirety of my life, including one of the “top trauma/PTSD triggering events” just these last two weeks.

    I turn to my faith (not to be confused w/ “religion/organized religion/churches”) in these times, but also find peace in the wisdom you share.
    I’m continually immeasurably grateful for the work you do Jean✨♥️

    You are a gift!

    Nicole H

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