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Virginia, USA

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Clients often share that their sessions with me have been transformative, helping them shift perspectives and embrace a more comprehensive understanding of their worth and life journey.

With over two decades of experience in human development, I've specialized as a Soul Coach, Psychic Medium, Astrologer, and Intuitive Channel. Through my journey, I've connected with thousands of souls globally. My approach is multidimensional, focused on your soul's journey amid the profound shifts in our planetary landscape.

My goal is to assist your alignment in a nurturing, conscious, and holistic manner. Drawing from a rich business background, I bring a grounded approach to my services. You can learn more about my process here.

My YouTube videos have garnered over a million views, showcasing my commitment to aiding collective evolution, fostering healing, and inspiring creative expression within Earth School.

Thank you for taking the time to explore what I offer. Your presence is truly appreciated.


Education:  BFA in Public Relations minor in Business


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