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Virginia, USA

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Jean Wiley has worked in the field of human development for over 20 years.  As a Soul Coach, Astrologer and Intuitive Channel she has worked with well over 3,000 individuals.  Jean works from a multidimensional perspective focusing on your soul journey, thriving amidst great planetary change while making more conscious choices in this terribly interesting journey called life.

Her goal is to empower you to manifest a more loving, conscious, peaceful and abundant soul/life experience. 

Jean’s YouTube videos garner well over a million views as she focuses on aiding the collective’s evolution, healing and creative expression on Earth School.

Her sessions incorporate three different skill sets:  opening to receive the Guide's perspective on your current journey, employing intuitive skills to read the energy patterns in your birth chart, and utilizing many years of experience and expertise gained through Life/Soul Coaching.

Jean's ability to identify and dismantle challenging experiences fuels her compassion to facilitate viewing your life from a higher perspective, deepening your own natural intuition and expanding into a more loving perception of self. 


Jean worked in a hi-tech R&D facility aiding the crossover to a for profit start-up business in proprietary high speed encryption.

Wrote and delivered business and corporate training in Leadership, Customer Service and Sales.

As a permanent placement consultant Jean placed mid to high level IT professionals into full time positions negotiating employee package and salary.

Education:  BFA in Public Relations minor in Business


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Client feedback

"Jean is brilliant and wise beyond years, compassionate, caring and transparent. She shows up and speaks her truth. I absolutely resonate with everything and she has a great sense of humor, and always puts a smile on my face and lights up my heart.

A gifted being of light Jean teaches on a level that is easy to understand and helps me to see the bigger picture. I feel like I have known her for lifetimes.

If you are looking to up level in any aspect of your life, or learn more to assist you on your journey I would highly recommend Jean. She is wonderful in every way." ~Jentry




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