Jean Wiley

Experienced Soul Coach, Medium, Channel and Astrologer.

With over 20 years in Human Development, she has guided thousands of individuals on their personal, spiritual, and professional journeys. Her refined skill set empowers transformation, provides unwavering support, and sessions that fosters growth well beyond the current timeline. What is a Soul Coach?

"Jean is intuitively very gifted, but she is also brilliant, warm and grounded - an ideal combination for a transformation coach. I see Jean as a Master of Manifestation, highly psychic and the recordings she gives you still have value years later as you grow into the information she gives you – you rock!"  ~Lee Harris (CEO of LeeHarris Energy)

“Jean Wiley’s ability to intuitively blend her life-coaching acumen, astrological guidance and divinely timed messages of empowerment is extremely important for people seeking purpose, balance and direction.” ~John Edward, Psychic Medium