Chiron transits Aries April 2018

Chiron shows the process of healing and where you become masterful, compassionate and wise ~

46 minute video sign by sign

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Going through change? Building a Business? Defining your role on the planet?

I work with people both vibrationally and pragmatically.  Utilizing years of business experience, esoteric development and astrology mapping we collaborate together in a meaningful way focusing on your growth, goals and healing.  I connect with your guides and loved ones at the beginning of each session for additional perspective into your journey and soul evolution.  

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"Jean is intuitively very gifted, but she is also brilliant, warm and grounded - an ideal combination for a transformation coach. This is why I have returned to her these past five years, I love getting Jean's input and intuition on matters life and soul, but also business, as this was her background. I see Jean as a Master of Manifestation, highly psychic and the recordings she gives you still have value years later as you grow into the information she gives you. Thanks Jean - You Rock!"      ~Lee Harris (Intuitive Guide, Popular YouTube Vlogger and CEO of Lee Harris Energy)

Jean Wiley has been a professional astrologer, human development professional and Quantum researcher since the mid-90's. 

She is highly sought after for her one-on-one coaching and has worked with over 4,000 clients from all walks of life - everything from executives to artists, doctors to entrepreneurs and therapists to creatives.

Her hugely popular Astrology videos have currently brought 7.5 million+ views to her YouTube channel, and are supporting hundreds of thousands of change-makers, visionaries and healers around the world each month.

Jean is a published author and has made numerous appearances on television, radio and on stage in the East Coast.

Jean loves working with people during times of transition and helping them midwife their next big steps in life. A master guide and a keen activator of manifestation energy in your life, working with Jean is highly personalized, multidimensional, accurate and very often life changing. 

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March 22 - April 15th:  Mercury Retrograde

March 22 - April 15th: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades on the 22nd at 16 degrees Aries through April 15th when it stations direct at 4 degrees Aries.
May 15th:  Uranus transits Taurus

May 15th: Uranus transits Taurus

Uranus changes life patterns and collective energy.  It's electric, quick, unbelievable, awakening, profound and affects value systems, monetary systems, taxation, banking systems and awareness.


"Thank you for the session on September 25th. I have listened to the recording several times and have been so satisfied with your guidance and advice. I'm in such a time of transition, it was so nice to benefit from your spiritual and astrological gifts. Thank you so much."

Pat (2017)

"In the short time we have worked together you have proven to be a respectful, open, honest, direct and extremely helpful business guide and mentor. Your talents, knowledge and care for clients are un-matched by anyone in your field. It’s truly a pleasure working with you!"

Robert, CEO PurMist (2016)

"I received a reading from you back in August. At the time it didn't resonate with me. Since then so many things have unfolded that upon re-listening to the session my mind is blown! You are truly gifted. Thank you again for your wonderful reading."

Rachell (2017)