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Her hugely popular Astrology videos have currently brought 8 million views to her YouTube channel, over 30 thousand followers on Facebook and are supporting hundreds of thousands of change-makers, visionaries and healers around the world each month.

A master guide and a keen activator of manifestation energy in your life, working with Jean is highly personalized, multidimensional, accurate and very often life changing. 

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APRIL 2019 Videoscopes

APRIL 2019 Videoscopes

New Moon Aries / Full Moon Libra / Mercury Direct / Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde
April 24 - October 4th:  Pluto Retrograde

April 24 - October 4th: Pluto Retrograde

It's challenging to seek effective change within systems that are atrophied and decayed. Such systems stay alive to serve the system, not so much the people seeking to find resolutions and a healthier way of life. When the Pluto transit of Aquarius 2024 - 2043 heats up new self-governing systems will seek to be born to birth resolutions to old societal problems - you can't get there through materialism and rationalism alone....