Going through change? Building a Business? Defining your role on the planet?

I work with people both vibrationally and pragmatically.  Utilizing years of business experience, esoteric development and astrological mapping we collaborate together focusing on your personal growth, goals and healing. 

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Jean is highly sought after for her one-on-one coaching and has worked with over 4,000 clients from all walks of life - everything from executives to artists, doctors to entrepreneurs and therapists to creatives.

Her hugely popular Astrology videos have currently brought 7.6 million+ views to her YouTube channel, and are supporting hundreds of thousands of change-makers, visionaries and healers around the world each month.

Jean loves working with people during times of transition and helping them midwife their next big steps in life. A master guide and a keen activator of manifestation energy in your life, working with Jean is highly personalized, multidimensional, accurate and very often life changing. 

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July's Patreon Topics ~

July's Patreon Topics ~

I've created a monthly service designed to support and educate through videos/posts that discuss a range of topics including: spiritual insights, the quantum field, intuitive skill building, human consciousness, in-depth astrology and personal stories.