Addictions and Mental Health

Addictions and Mental Health

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Through my many years of coaching I understand that addiction is born out of pain. Addiction increases in societies that are dysfunctional, values money over human wellness and has a history of solving conflict through violence.

Addiction is about seeking to manage your emotions and are tied to emotional pain and often trauma. For example, children who develop asthma frequently have parents who are dealing with ongoing stress - financial stress and living in a war zone are two examples.

When you live in a dysfunctional society what you are shown or "modeled" out there is a disregard for human life. When a society's values are about power, career success and greed, the majority suffer.

Essentially, addictions to cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, opiates, shopping, eating, and several hours of television viewing per day is the human trying to soothe themselves and escape from their own mind and environment - understandable ~

Getting clear and the journey of recovery is learning how to understand your own pain and to meet that with profound love, emotional skill-building, self-care and ongoing perceptual shifts.


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I feel this is a much needed message! Do your guides tell you when, and what is needed for you to communicate to us? I’m curious if that’s how you decide what to convey?
As always, thank you for your guidance 👼. Melissa

Melissa Chevrier

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