April 30th ~ New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

April 30th ~ New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse



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Eclipse season is upon us bringing messages of personal
development and strong external themes meant to move you along in your Earth plane evolution.  The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on April 30th in Taurus at 10 degrees and conjuncts innovative, electric, surprising and awakening Uranus while holding a positive sextile to the planet of energy and confidence, Mars in Pisces.

People feel these geometric energies at different times;
sometimes well before, right on the day or maybe even a month or so after the celestial event.  Solar Eclipses are a mobilizing time for external developments in your “movie” or “hologram” and frequently externalize inner themes you’ve been aware of for some time that are now ready to be made manifest. 

Developments occur now and into the months ahead with your earnings, purchasing power, investments, talents, abilities, self confidence tied to innovation, electronics, digital currency, breaking free of ruts, autonomy and source field energy.

The sextile to Mars in Pisces ties in art, creativity, music, beauty and sensitivity. The Venus Jupiter conjunction on the Eclipse occurs in Pisces magnifying these themes of finance, compassion, optimism, relationships, spiritual growth and artistry.

Taurus seeks long term financial security while growing his skills and personal resources. This energy is determined, pragmatic, appreciates the pleasures of the human senses, routine and taking focused measured action.

The Eclipse is exact on Saturday, April 30th at 4:42 p.m. EASTERN time and is only visible from southern South America and Antarctica suggesting these regions will play a role on the global stage. 

Blessings in your growth, Jean ~

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