April Part 1 ~ Dynamic New Moon ~

April Part 1 ~ Dynamic New Moon ~

The season of Aries is a new start for planting seeds, putting your mental and physical muscle behind your personal enterprises and objectives. 


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Welcome to your April Part 1 Video and the powerful New Moon in Aries.

As we open to this forecast period a positive time for problem solving, enhanced communications and agreements is available as Mercury sextiles Pluto from 27 degrees Pisces to Capricorn.  On the 3rd the energy of mind and focus shifts from the impressionable and sensitive Piscean energy into Aries through May 19th.  Your mental clarity is clearer, stronger, more confident, reactive and seeking to “make things happen!” 

The season of Aries is a new start for planting seeds, putting your mental and physical muscle behind your personal enterprises and objectives.  Enthusiasm, increased confidence and a desire to proactively create fresh plans and circumstances is encouraged now.

You have a little more of the Pisces blurred hangover affect from last month as Mars moves into square Neptune from Gemini to Pisces confusing your confidence, cognition and perceptions from April 7th to the 11th (exact on the 9th).  Your energy may be low through this patch; you might need some rest and respite.  There may be MORE confusing announcements regarding Covid information, vaccines and protocol’s. 

But rest assured that clarity arrives through a destiny aspect that is also in orb all month grounding your plans, ideas, communications, friends, tribe and personal wishes as Saturn trines the North Node from 11 to 12 degrees of Aquarius to Gemini.  Be aware of opportunities to improve your social relationships, digital activity, writing/speaking activities, prospects and mobility patterns.  It perfects on the 9th but is in orb all month.

On the 10th Mercury moves in to really clarify and solidify this energy as he sextiles both Saturn and the Node from his perch in pioneering Aries and Venus sextiles Jupiter from Aries to Aquarius – where good luck, optimism and opportunity live for you personally and tied to your friends/goals and helping others on their path.  Remember Aquarius is the Water Bearer – the water symbolizes helping humanity through knowledge and support.

The New Moon occurs in pioneering Aries on the 11th at 22 degrees setting up strong and fresh patterns in your life, identity, personal will, and entrepreneurial plans.  The theme of individuation is strong as the New Moon conjuncts Eris the planet of discord and anger but also breaking from societal norms to do, be, express in your own way (given it is not harmful to others).  The New Moon also conjuncts Venus – highlighting new patterns in love, your values, creativity and finances. 

Now, this Lunation also squares up to Pluto in Capricorn carrying the elements of anger around power but also breaking free from self-defeating patterns in your life.  We are marching towards the PLUTO Return in US exact on February 20th 2022 but is strongly in orb now through April of 2024.  The return is squarely focused on corruption, those in power, all manner of inequality themes – and ideally the more greed, abuse, and manipulation are uncovered, the easier it is to make conscious decisions, no longer allowing the wrong people and the wrong values to lead us. 

Pluto forces change as karmic patterns surface.  The more you resist change the more messy the passage.  Holding on to the past is not part of Pluto’s operating system.  Pluto is not gentle as he forces transformation bringing up the toxic and obsolete.  For those of you who have had Pluto transits in hard angle to your chart you know what I am talking about.

You surrender and willingly go through the chaotic period knowing some more authentic and sustainable awaits you on the other end.  I’m going to be doing a video maybe two on the Pluto Return.

At this New Moon Venus is in exact square to Pluto from 27 degrees Aries to Capricorn so transformation work is part of this New Moon Signature.  The NM also sextiles Mars in Gemini (energy and will tied to words, locale, community, self-expression and mobility themes) and sextile Jupiter in Aquarius the will of the people, your optimism tied to you future plans, desires and wishes and squares Pluto.  Nothing lightweight about this New Moon.

This lunation carries a strong two week trajectory for personal developments and personal empowerment and further a 6 month trajectory when the Aries energy is expressed through a culmination Full Moon in October.

On the 14th Venus sashays into one of her home towns as she transits into Taurus through May 8th.  Your senses and physical world are now enhanced with the Mistress taking up residence in her earthy hometown.  Things of value are enhanced – smells, tastes, textures, food and comfort.  Reliability, pragmatism and consistency are valued.  Comfort is important now!  Buying/selling, commercial activity, items of value, beauty products, food, farming, and Gaia energy.  A financial focus expands, earnings potentially, your personal resources, healthy boundaries and awareness and care of what you value.

When you live by your own values you feel better about yourself.  The Sun in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini – energy and confidence and sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius – conscious optimism, benevolence, opportunity and faith.





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