April Part 2 ~ Full Moon Scorpio

April Part 2 ~ Full Moon Scorpio

You head into grounded Taurus country and electric Uranus transits bringing change, surprise and breakthroughs; as well as a very Plutonic energy towards the end of the month due to the Scorpio Full Moon and Pluto retrograde ~

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Welcome to your April Video Part 2 discussing the Full moon in Scorpio and Pluto retrograde.  I’m Jean a Soul Coach and Astrologer.

As we open in this period of time the reverberation of the New Moon in Aries is strongly felt.  This is a time for personal growth, changing identities and releasing outworn habits of behavior and role playing.  From this release new identities and personal renewal develops.

On the 15th of April the archetype of Consciousness and Awareness, the Sun is sextiling the optimistic planet of Jupiter and squaring the transformative energy of Pluto.  Shedding skin is an apt metaphor ………………………..

Concurrently the planet Mars representing your will, confidence and life force energy is holding a beautiful trine to Jupiter from the 14th to the 19th from 26 degrees Gemini to Aquarius – a social, communicative and confidence inducing transit.  Opportunities and progress can be made in your communications, mobility, friendships, agreements and in any commercial contracts.  This is a sociable and upbeat energy. 

The 17th is supercharged with mental energy and communications while Mercury a sextiles Jupiter and Mars.  Your focus has been on your personal desires, plans and making things happen while Mercury has transited the fire sign of Aries.  Aries indicates new commencements and launching projects and plans that impact you directly.  Confidence lives here but be aware that Mercury is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn – are you moving beyond fears, limited thinking and being really conscious of speaking patterns that are equitable and fair.  Conversely, there may be announcements or actions from authority figures that challenge you to adapt and maintain a positive approach.  Be aware that others may be communicating in a narcissistic, exaggeration,  or manipulative manner as well.

From the 19th the collective energy shifts from the impulsive and independent into the energy of earth sign Taurus as the Sun and Mercury conjunct and both transit into Taurus.  Mercury the planet of mind will transit through May 3rd.  Now, the plans you have made seek methodical actions, commitments and grounded approaches.  Finances and personal resources are a theme through the remainder of the month.

After his 6 week transit through curious Gemini Mars, the archetype of will and instinct shifts into the proactive and protective cardinal water sign of Cancer on the 23rd through June 11th.  The focus shifts to family, business themes, security, home and self-protection. 

Cancer’s objective is to find family, community and support.  Those of you with strong Cancer themes – Sun, Node, Moon in Cancer are seeking family in this life as it is the most abandoned and neglected sign in the zodiac.  Cancer rules Real Estate, Restaurants, Business, Mom, women, food and sensitivity.  Cancer is exceptionally psychic, focuses on the past and has a long memory! 

Watch for surprises, breakthroughs, new experiences and unpredictability with resources and finances as both Mercury and Venus conjunct electric Uranus at 10 degrees on the 23rd.

Uranus transiting through Taurus is also the collective energy and shifts in values, progressiveness and digital finances.  China is now the first country that has state issued digital currency unlike Bitcoin which arose from the private sector.  They will of course be tracking the currency and their country’s citizens.

This period of time will also highlight the beauty industry, gold, banks, music and climate activity.  The Uranian transit through Taurus will become more personal for you as the personal planets make their annual trek through the fixed earth sign.  Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 and will continue to transit through 2026 changing the planets value systems (more freedom), earth shifts and activity and financial systems.

In the United States this highlights the country’s 5th house of children, women’s issues, entertainment venues and pleasure.

Also on the 25th a very positive aspect will be in operation through May 23rd as the North Nodes of Soul Growth moves in to sextile Chiron in Aries.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th is tied to the New Moon in Scorpio last November 2020 – culminations, release and personal situations arise and culminate in order to release and renew.  The Full Moon at 7 degrees of Scorpio opposes the Sun, Venus and Uranus in Taurus…..and squares Saturn in Aquarius…expand.

All things Scorpio are the focus now as Pluto moves into his yearly station on the 27th at 26 degrees of Capricorn until October when he stations direct at 24 degrees of Capricorn.

30th – Sun conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees Taurus….

We come to planet earth for the multi faceted experiences that being in a human body provides.  Non – judgement…



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