Astrological Life Cycles by the Decade (Patron Supported Content)

Astrological Life Cycles by the Decade (Patron Supported Content)

The purpose is to vibrate at increasingly higher vibratory frequencies as we move through the Life Cycles. 


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SATURN RETURN – 29 – 30 yrs. – Saturn returns to its natal position in your birthchart.  Saturn represents form, limitation, maturing process, commitment, responsibility.  – In your 20’s you are meant to explore, experiment and engage in temerarious behavior.  Experience socially is necessary and needed – what are your relationships to your friends, the world and how others see you?  This is the stage where “anything is possible.”  Risks are taken, opportunities explored, and curiosity reigns supreme.  The pre-frontal cortex is still developing the part of the mind that rules executive decision making and consequences. 

All the while Saturn is moving through each house spending approx. 2.5 years in each sign and moves through each of the 12 houses in your natal chart.  Saturn is teaching all of the lessons of the physical plane, the 3 dimensional experiences.

As you approach age 30 a sense of crises begins.  Depending on your Saturn position this crises may develop in your work, family, relationships, education, or finances.  Saturn is a plodding and focused energy moving you along in your growth, maturity and sense of reality. 

It is a time to question what the lessons are and how are these lessons helping to define yourself and help you to grow as a spiritual being.  Things and people may be washed away leaving you feeling a loss/grief wondering what comes next. 

At the SATURN RETURN things happen – people get married, buy houses, have babies, leave relationships, struggle financially, make career choices, deal with limiting circumstances in their family or social circles.  Yet, this very cycle is intended to spur you on to further growth and understanding.  A sense of limitation or obstruction may be magnified, the need to make concrete choices to define your life path and future goals may be required. 

Your relationship with Saturn in your chart is notable – if you blend well with focus, responsibility and productivity you can traverse the Saturn return more easily.

If you do not have strong earth in your chart the Saturn return can be heavy, shocking and depressing.

“Planetary transits are an opportunity to accelerate vibrations with growth.  It is our cellular response to life itself, and if we manage to avoid the work of one of the transits, we begin death at that point.”  Barbra Hand Clow

Saturn return affects the lower chakras – how safe do you feel?  What are your ancestors, parents, society whispering about in your ear?  Not good enough, what success meant for them?  Projected responsibilities? Depressive thoughts/actions?  Back pain, intestinal trouble, IBS, reproductive organ issues, joint pain.  Teeth.

Physical plane crisis such as job or relationship change moving you to work with the astral and emotional planes.   Work on your feelings and your ability to express yourself.

Major adjustments, revision of attitudes, important decisions, change in responsibility – how much/too much/not enough.   Facing problems alleviates the pressures – if postponed or repressed the pressure increases.

The 1st 29 years are reactions to conditioning, family values, karma, parental influence and social pressures.  No longer are there seemingly endless possibilities as you’ve lived out experiments and youthful illusions but now you have to work at fulfilling your life drama and the role you will play.

Things are often swept away clearing the path.  What you are left with after the Saturn return is what you are meant to build upon and consolidate.  You can mobilize your energies with great power, ambition.

An important point of free will at operation – may not stand so free again.  Make your choices wisely..



Fly straight, release shoulds/out to's and align your inner reality with your outer reality.  Look to the Capricorn house.  Structure and act upon urges, impulses and instincts.  Release outdated work roles and responsibilities. 


Activation of Kundalini energy – the unfurling snake like energy in the root chakra.  Sex not just a genital engagement – bring it up through the chakra system.    Strange insights, situations, developments as you struggle for a sense of renewal and self-mastery.  Strong emotional period for clearing even while intense emotional encounters occur – the propulsion for change. 

Making that which is unconscious conscious.  Subconscious mind material – dream work, past life regression.  Stirs up and intensities one's libido,.  Being pushed to evolve – life and death struggle. 

Can leave your body when stress and pain occur.  Learning to stay in your body and master fear. 

Pluto seeks to destroy old patterns of thought and behavior as well as eliminating all sorts of psychic residue preventing growth.  Soul urging pressing in on ego and survival mechanisms.

You need time after the transit is over to gain perspective and clarity – muddy waters while you are in the midst of this emotional clearing.  Changes feel intense and concentrated while at the same time their  full implications on the total life are so subtle, that it is simply impossible for most people to assimilate the complete meaning of this transition from one phase of life to another.  Can feel like the rug is being pulled out from under and you’re sinking in quicksand as you seek firm ground and security, and familiar guideposts.  Insecurity is a hallmark of this transit.  It takes time for the left brain to discern and glean meaning while the subconscious and generational emotional past is in a state of clearing.  Freedom from bondage. 

Working through the light and dark – duality.  Old and new.  Speeds up your evolution as you release Karma.  The Sun in chart is where you are assimilating conversely Pluto forces elimination what need to go in order to grow. 

URANUS OPPOSITION URANUS (mid-life crises) 38-44 yrs.

Do not comprehend true purpose on the planet until this time period.  Often affect the heart, throat and sometimes 3rd eye chakra.  Increased heart attacks at this stage as well as extremely reactive behavior.  Men in this group – killing sprees/rampages etc.  Women often experience throat chakra blocks – speaking their truth, finding their voice.  Feel unheard.  Heart energy can die as they lose their faith in their existence. Kundalini energy.    Vibrating higher and faster. 

Electrical charge increases.  Some may increase intake of drugs and alcohol.  Sleepless nights.  Feeling of one's mortality.  Freedom urges/sexual urges.  The desire to break free from onerous duties, responsibilities and relating archetypes. 

Strong electrical charge in body, endocrine system and central nervous system – buzzing.  Electrical force surges up the spine and clears through the chakras  - heart blockages in men and throat blockages in women.  Letting go of youth and integrating the opposite male or female polarity of self. 

Move into the mental plane when you develop your purpose for this incarnation... the real mid-life crisis sets in at 42-43 if you have not done the work of the Uranus opposition. 

Finding more purpose and higher vibratory awareness.  If this isn't worked through as folks head into their mid-40's there is an emptiness and hollow echo in one's life.  A propulsion to find meaning.


Dissolving of ego boundaries and rigidity.  Sublime, strange and blissed out feelings.  Increase of drug/alcohol intake.  Desire to experience outside of the mundane.  Disillusioned.  Increased compassion and empathy.  Impermanent merging with person, situation, beliefs. 

Chiron Return Age 50

The goal of life is to master fear – by 50 Chiron has transited all of the planets in your chart.  Crisis of meaning.  Letting go of ego attachment, linear mentality, Time for the intuitive and right brain to grow and equal the Left brain dominance.  Sexuality meant to be an all pervasive energizing force and not just a genital focus.  The interface energy between the timeless galactic dynamic time and the way that we operate within space and tine here on Earth. 

Mental crises of Meaning – letting go of ego attachment and linear mentality.  An emptying out so Soul can come fully into form. 

Neptune trine Neptune mid 50's:  You find your focus shifting to a more spiritual view of the world. You have opportunities now to enjoy the people and the environment surrounding you without worrying about the need for material security. It is a beneficial time for exploring spiritual, metaphysical or artistic pursuits.  Opportunity is to see your life in a spiritual dimension that you have never before perceived. This can manifest itself in a number of ways.

First of all, you may discover an increased empathy for the people in your everyday life. You can put yourself into another's place in a way that you have never been able to do before; you can see and, more importantly, feel what someone else feels. Consequently you will have more sympathy and compassion for other people's problems.

Your compassion springs from a realization of the essential unity of yourself and all being. For most people, this is not an entirely conscious realization. You may feel an increased involvement with others, but you don't quite know where it has come from. On the other hand, this can be a conscious feeling, in which case you may become more attracted to mystical philosophies and metaphysics, which try to verbalize what you are beginning to experience. You may experience a reawakened interest in religion, even if this has long been dormant in your life. Possibly you may even have a profound psychic or mystical experience.

Even if by temperament you are not inclined to mysticism, you will experience its effects as increased idealism and an increased willingness to work for the kind of world you want to see.

Whatever else may happen, you will feel more capable of selfless actions in your relationships with others. You will be willing to help, seeking little or nothing in return because your own ego seems less important to you now.

2nd Saturn Return – mid to late 50’s:  If you first Saturn return is faced with courage an honesty  than this is a time of conscious awareness – flying straight.  Releasing roles, relationships and work responsibilities and further consolidating your purpose on the planet.  Your potential for worldly success and authority are strengthened in some direct way.  Look to the natal house and Capricorn house for indicators.  The aging process comes more strongly into view. 

Another business may be birthed, another chapter forward written and the next cycle of achievement begun.

Now the chakra energy should be running and deepening allowing a deeper reservoir of available energy.  Concentrated purpose, focus and effectiveness.  Open chakra’s in lower 2nd and Root grounding you in strength and availability.  What was upper Chakra energy throat/mind becomes more integral in your work and actions.  Congruent energy flow.

If the first Saturn return and resulting life cycles were not integrated and were aborted this may feel like a real slowing of the life force when health issues arise and limitations are experienced in one’s life and relationships.  Work may feel like an empty echo as you arise to fulfill duties meant to bring you a paycheck.

PLUTO opposition PLUTO 87 – 90 yrs:  This period represents the fulfillment of those changes that were made at an earlier time in your life. You should examine the degree to which your life has been complete and rounded. Have you managed to achieve balances among the various things and issues that competed for your attention? The changes that occur during this transit are likely to be the result of whatever was not fully done at that time.

However, you seldom have lived life in a perfectly balanced manner and no matter how hard you try, there will be some things that you have to deal with now that you did not deal with previously. At times it may seem that these changes are unnecessary and intrusive. You may feel that you have lived a long life and should have some stability now. But change is always part of life. Allow such necessary changes to occur and do not try to obstruct them, and most of all, do not regard the changes with regret. You are still changing and growing, and you will do so as long as you live. Always remember the old Buddhist saying, "Enlightenment is easy for those who have no preferences."


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