AUGUST 2022 Part 1 - Tropical / Earth Chart / Full Moon

AUGUST 2022 Part 1 - Tropical / Earth Chart / Full Moon

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Hello, everybody, welcome to my August part one 2022 Videoscope. For those of you that are new here, I am a soul coach who offers both single and coaching packages. Sessions and I also bring channeled content forth for my subscribers over on Patreon. So if any of that's of interest to you, the links are below. Thank you for being here and if moved for subscribing, so what we're moving into, and August is right on the bat, August 1st is a big change energy change agent energy and this is the Mars conjunct Uranus north node in Taurus. Mars makes personal these longer themes in human development, and transits here on planet so you can expect some epiphanies, perhaps some unexpected developments.

Certainly at the unconscious level, this can be a lot of reactiveness anger, maybe some violence. At the AWARE level, you get to commit to grounding yourself and responding not reacting. But at the same time. With this powerful combination, conjuncting this north node of meeting new themes needing new pathways, you may really get a sense of this right off the bat of what you're just done with, especially in the way of obligations or density patterns or fear programs or, you know, because we all have all the fear programming, from our parents, from our society, etc. And you may reach a point through here, where you just slough off a layer of that, that's it's very possible that this can be ripe with personal growth, and bringing transformation and shifts for you going forward. And because Uranus is retrograding, this month on the 24th, you're going to have some time to work with us on the inner levels.

So this conjunction happens at 18 degrees of Taurus and then right on the second of August, Venus sextiles, this stellium from her perch in cancer. So she's certainly bringing in very feminine energy to well can be quite detached and intellectual and instinctual Mars and Uranus. Venus is bringing the feeling nature and the feeling wisdom to this passage of time.

On the fourth, Mercury is transiting into Virgo, where he's very comfortable through the 25th of the month. So if there's ever time to get organized to clear out space to make your life more functional, Mercury's really going to help you also this will bring you know Virgo is very grounded, very practical, and in my book, very intuitive. They're the practical, intuitive, they just feel things and know things because they're quite connected in their body with the Earth and the natural realms. You know, this can be an increase in that area. I mean, because we ground in Pisces, which is the spiritual mental energy, and the Virgo is how that functions in a day to day manifest way.

Now then we head into a Mars square Saturn, and that's on the seventh of August. So Mars is squaring Saturn from 22 degrees of Taurus to Aquarius. So these are both fixed signs, this is harkening inch and the Uranus Saturn square, which are really going to have a sense of again September and October it's not a perfect square, but boy is it close 18 degrees Taurus to Aquarius so knowing what we know about the last Uranus Saturn squares, we can ascertain that there will be a desire for more control on populations during this passionate passage. And Mars can bring me make you very aware of this as well. Mars and Taurus though is very earthy, and practical. And it's about your values and the stuff you own and how you earn money, how you bring in resources, how you send out resources what you obtain. So this is quite a focus on all things natural on food and land and money and finances. So this square to Saturn, maybe bringing up some awareness of these patterns. Maybe it's also about moving through old, programmed fears Saturn, from our families, from our society, etc. And you know where there's an adjustment made, maybe you need to be patient, maybe there's a need for hard work and a deepening self of self deepening sense of self confidence through here. Again, 22 degrees Taurus or Aquarius.

And right after that, the 9th Venus from her perch and the feminine feeling nurturing sign of cancer, she moves into oppose Pluto in Capricorn. So this is from cancer to Capricorn 27 degrees. So this is really bringing in the feminine principle of the feeling nature and our hearts and self love and nurturing, but also home family housing situation housing markets, where you live, how you live your mom, and Pluto is a very transformative planet. Now interestingly, the surface of Pluto is quite icy. So when we go through big Pluto transits, it's fine that is, so that those emotions can move. And a lot of people have been feeling that a lot of what they may call lower density, vibrations or old emotions. And actually, there can be things that are becoming unstuck. Now, for you to be aware of and bring into your consciousness to integrate and love and return back to source and to the heart space. But this is bringing up you know, cancer your personal life with your public life, your emotional life with your work life, your home with authority figures and hierarchies on planning and awareness, there can be transformation, there can be strong energy, this can be about finances, this can be about real depth and insight into how you relate and your relating dynamics with others.

And power. Power, how do you use power? Do you use power to control other people?

Are you understanding that real integrated power is within self empowerment. And then on the 10th and 11th, the Sun moves into square this node and Uranus from 18 degrees of Leo the heart the inner child, the individuation process, and squares this Taurus energy of shifts and changes and taking action perhaps this may be bringing up children's affairs, entertainment situations, executives, bosses, leadership, creativity, the arts, the desire for profit pride and being proud of yourself.

On the 11th, this Venus moves into Leo, where she'll be transiting until September 5. So this is quite nice. It's bringing the shift from the inner subjective life to the playful in the creative life and the value of that what are your values regarding your sense of play regarding your sense of self doing what feels right to you not what may be expected to fit in, but also children and creativity and fun and entertainment is very much a part of this transit through September 5. And on the 11th, we have the full moon at 19 degrees of Aquarius so the sun is at 19 degrees of Leo Brain Awareness to the emotions in the Aquarian energy of Where am I headed in life? What are my goals, developments and combinations and this Full Moon in 19 degrees of Aquarius is conjunct Saturn, and it is squaring the separating stellium Mars Uranus north node energy of the future and where am I going? So again, we keep seeing these repeating patterns of the programmed and the density and the fear versus the movement and the change and the personal growth is very ripe here.


We learn a lot through stress on this planet. Because you know will often just stay put where we are unless there's some stress put upon us or situation is causing some stress or the need to make adjustments. So certainly this month of August is carrying that that there can be combinations with friends and groups and the collective energy and Saturn control patterns and money and resources. And you know Taurus is also the land, animals, food and financial systems. So see what comes up in a state of awareness for you in this film on what do you need? What do you need, often would become aware of our needs at the full moon. Right. So what is the inner child the heart space, Leo, and the emotional awareness of future and goals and collective energy. All right. Much love everybody, and I'll speak with you in the second half of the month. Be well

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