August 21st:  New Moon Total Solar Eclipse and the United States

August 21st: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse and the United States

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Justice -YES. You must be a Libran, Thank you so much for enlightening us on progressed US Chart and foundational injections of pernicious takedown of democracy and democratic principles by this administration and other background players. Sigh, this will not go away easily and is very wearying for lightworkers and others who are constantly on the line each day ( i,e, Bernie Sanders ). The legislators are scared for their own hides, and the justice makers who are here want to curry favor and will not get a “backbone” via their own right to dissent. Legislative leaders are not leading but finding the nearest refuge and places to hide behind others who they believe seemingly protect them from adversity, conflict, and public outrage. Will the Mueller investigation help to disenfranchise the machine behind this democracy decay? It seems like with democracy—hope also is being extinguished for a more equitable and fair governance for all- or we are all ONE. The nation itself is depressed, anxious, and if watching the media, sucking up the energies of fear and as you mentioned mind control. It is a war on the human psyche, if one cannot be strong and hold self in present time —all the time. WIth gratitude for you being courageous and forthright with your astrologic knowledge to forecast and expose what we are in store for next. Namaste. Jean

Mel Bromberg

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