August 30 - November 5th:  Mercury transits Libra

August 30 - November 5th: Mercury transits Libra

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The planet of mind, words, thought and information, Mercury, entered Libra the sign of imbalance and hence, the seeker of balance on August 30th and will transit this relational, cardinal air sign through November 5th.

Imagine yourself pulling up a chair and sitting in the energy of another human mind listening to the thoughts and words running through the consciousness of this soul embodied human. 

Now, imagine the head you are occupying is would you summarize your ongoing thoughts and words.  You might be surprised at some of the repetitive narratives running through you mind.

What would happen if you decided to edit this programming identifying it for what it is – “living in your past?”  You are a sovereign being with choice and a healthy amount of free will.  What if you decided to commit to a review and revisionist approach to your mind speak?

You may respond with “this is a daunting task!”  I would suggest it’s an easy one.  Simply put, you catch yourself referencing the enormous library of stories you've amassed with an eye towards authoring a new edition.

Mercury retrogrades on September 27th at 26 degrees of Libra and will station direct at 10 degrees of Libra on October 18th.  This retrograde occurs just after the powerful Autumn (or Spring depending on hemisphere) on October 22nd.

Your mind harmoniously engages with the Jupiter Aquarian energy in a trine aspect on Monday the 20th (23 degrees Libra to Aquarius).  Aquarius is the sign of “getting on your path” and Jupiter is the archetype of higher mind, inspiration and knowledge.  This trine will occur again when Mercury is retrograde on Oct. 3rd and again when direct on November 1st.

On the Equinox Mercury then squares Pluto the planet of transformation and soul growth from 24 degrees Libra to Capricorn.  What is Capricorn?  The cardinal earth sign of climbing and ascending.  This square will occur again when Mercury is retrograde on October 1st and when it is again direct on November 2nd.

This one of the stories of the Mercury retrograde.  The words you use, the thoughts you think and the unconscious habit of referencing the past is calling out for renewal.  The great teachers speak of “present mind.”  Sounds so simply but in practice it is the diligent training of your mind to be in the present moment and to open to your current moment and the mental freedom to choose peace, gratitude and deep reverence for your existence. In other words, allowing an abiding self-respect and feelings of self-love to flow through your vibration and mind.

Libra is a lover of beauty through sound and sight.  Her senses seek aesthetically pleasing and harmonizing energy.  I started spontaneously singing through my day two weeks ago, engaging with the vibration of tone and sense of play this spontaneous expression naturally filled my auric field with light.  Please feel free to share your stories below.

Fear is an emotion that is wielded constantly from power structures on planet.  Why?  Your mind’s ability to stay present in an organized and deliberative manner starts regressing and loses its exquisite ability to think critically and be discerning.  In other words, fear and conflict energy lowers your emotional intelligence.

Your goal?  “I live in the present moment aligning with harmony, delightful opportunity and abundant possibilities that show up and are sprinkled throughout my day.”  Notice the difference in your step, attitude and human interactions with others.  Words matter, your internal dialogue matters and vibrationally pulses out to animals, nature and the humans who populate your path. 

A powerful opportunity is at hand as Mercury squares Pluto you may feel triggered and find yourself going over the past.  Mercury retrograde is a "spiritual transit."  But, running right along the old narrative is the Jupiter trine seeking to lift you up into new realms of thought and consciousness ~

And, so it is ~


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