January 14th:  Uranus stations direct

January 14th: Uranus stations direct

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Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it's the energy of awakening, freedom, electricity, social media, hi-tech companies, groups you align with through ideology and otherwise, friends, progressive movements, disruptions, re-activeness, and brilliance is stationing direct January 14th at 6 degrees of Taurus. Uranus in the Earth sign of Taurus also symbolizing the energy grid and frequency patterns ~ expect anomalies with energy/technology/phone and all things electric ~

Transits during Uranus station direct:

Mars squares Saturn from Taurus to Aquarius signifying blockages, obstacles, frustration, hard work, focus and patience at the Uranus station.

Venus trines Uranus from Capricorn to Taurus highlighting innovation, exciting changes in relating and finances, and freedom themes.

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn amplifying power, change, greed, control themes and soul awareness.

Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th bringing change, release, opportunities, scattered energy and excitement.

Uranus, when direct, operates at the external levels delivering developments, change and movement. Wherever Uranus is stationing in your chart you will now experience situations and circumstances developing in the external and bringing up to the surface that which has been in a state of change since the August period when Uranus stationed retrograde. 

An unprecedented development has now occurred in the world of high tech ruled by Uranus in response to the sad and angry developments in the Capital last week.  Sweeping censorship of conservative outlets, voices, and news have been de-platformed and censored.  Emotionally this may feel like a relief and enacted on behalf of national security.  I send my heartfelt condolences to the country and the resulting trauma this violent act created.

Yet, so often when the country experiences national trauma more censorship and control is enacted in the name of national security.

In Taurus, Uranus is awakening the relationship between resources, inequality, and money through July 2025.  In a wealthy country where inequality has deepened over the past four decades due to government policies, we understand the country does not suffer from scarcity but from greed.

However, in difficult times layers of meaningless input start to dissolve & greater wisdom emerges.

Looking beyond the traumatic events of the incident last week does it make sense to look at the deeper issues?  Until a system of governance develops that actually serves it's constituents this growing anger and rage will continue to expand. 

Taurus rules the 2nd house of personal resources (talents, self-worth, self-esteem and self-reliance), money and movable possessions.  

Taurus is a fixed feminine sign.  Venus rules this sign in exoteric astrology and Vulcan rules Taurus in esoteric astrology.  Taurus rules the throat, vocal quality, gold, land, earth's resources, and the elementals.

For so many souls expanding their consciousness on the planet, merging soul with personality, Taurus has to do with illumination on the physical plane but ironically not being trapped in the 3rd dimension of limitation, fear and time/space reality. 

Taurus is associated with the heart chakra and the feeling nature.  Elevated, the heart knows that anything other than love is illusion.  Fear, greed and power games are the lower vibrations that are interlaced into our political system that continues to serve the wealthy while legislating policies that do little to increase the quality of the average American life.

Taurus is the sign of earthly life, the art of living and presents those trials, tests and victories that are the propulsion system for growth and spirituality. 

Uranus transiting Taurus provides the impetus to solve and resolve financial issues by understanding underlying problems and financial structures.  The seeds of an entirely new system of exchange are being born during this time. 

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Thank you Jean, your insights are always practical, positive & uplifting….grateful for your perspective.

Aurora Horvath

I have been working to release some past trauma and I literally feel as though I could yank it from my throat. It is like it is stuck there. I will remain hopeful that I can release this trauma, after reading this. Thank you.

Tanya HigbeeCerny

The last like 3 days 4 days and I just irritating uncomfortable feeling I am nervous about money which happens to be state government money and somebody I know but does not live here but visits decided to be a thief which I knew nothing about until it’s too late that could compromise me living here from what you said Gene it sounds like this could just fall into those circumstances that Taurus Uranus energy and can put people in and on both sides that positive and the negative I suppose. Thank you Jean I always like and appreciate your insight Happy New year to you

Douglas Albrecht

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