August 7th:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

August 7th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Freedom themes loom large on the Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius.  Full Moons bring culminations, emotional thrust and closures.  It is no coincidence that the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, turns retrograde within days of the Eclipse (until January 2nd 2018).  Planets in retrograde invite you to go within and bring awareness to the areas of your life that need awakening and change.

Sometimes life feels like a bullet train propelling you forward as the landscape and environment flies by blurring the details.   When retrogrades kick in you have the time to go back and review the landscape and plot out a more clearly defined course.

Mercury frequently retrogrades during Eclipse cycles furthering the message to go back and review.  Mercury's retrograde in Virgo (exact on August 12th) seeks a step by step approach - Virgo is interested in "process".  Law of Attraction is wonderful if aligned with your life purpose but requires "action" to back it up.  The Universe, Source Field, Quantum Field needs you to prove that you are serious and committed - meet me half way...

Jupiter is in square to Pluto during this cycle.  Jupiter is the Soul Ruler of Aquarius.  Jupiter seeks balance, harmony and growth through moderation (Libra) and to adjust any imbalances that the Pluto Capricorn energy has created. 

Where do you need/require change? More Freedom? Stronger individual expression? Is your role within the group clear and established?

Developments within your groups, teams, tribe, friendships, future, goals,hopes, career earnings, technology projects, social media, dreams and wishes are highlighted at the Eclipse.        Sessions/Coaching/Donate

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