AUGUST Part 1 and New Moon in Leo

AUGUST Part 1 and New Moon in Leo

We are moving through an Epoch of time when one major influence is passing and a new one is beginning.  Think of yourself as going through a “bridge” into the years ahead.  


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Hello, everyone, welcome to your August part two video and the energy running through the first half of August, and also the New Moon in Leo. If you'd like a personalized session or coaching with me, the links are above. I'm discussing this month a sign-by-sign karmic influences for each sign on Patreon. I do a lot of teaching over there, it's very affordable for each sign, sun, ascendant. It's very revealing, you choose, you set up your chart before you come here. It's your blueprint.

We are moving through an epoch of time when one major influence is dying and passing, and a new one is just beginning. Now, think of yourself as living through a bridging time here on planet earth and into the years ahead. When we're moving out of a centuries-long theme into another, chaos is always found. We're dealing with the very issues that actually led to the writing of the United States Constitution in the current timeline as well. A lot of these issues that have come back around.

This is going on for a lot of other countries as well. For many of you people on planet who are here to help birth this energy, it's really, really important to care for yourself as you do the work of clearing out the old denser imprints inherited from your family lineage and society, also, dealing with anger issue, which is so ubiquitous on planet right now, both within yourself and in the collective. What lies below anger energy is, I've been hurt, I've been hurt, I've been hurt, I've been hurt.

Understand what you're feeling and what you're saying and how that's tying in to some of your programming. We're seeing this en mass, but a lot of people don't quite know where to direct and how to process this in a more healing and integrative manner. Being a healer, a lightworker, a way-shower, it is not a perfection event. You're here to learn and move through your own lessons in earth school, while also engaging with your soul work on behalf of others.

You wouldn't be on planet if you were in a perfect state of balanced consciousness. That's not the human journey, it's the evolution of that and the journey of that. Self-love and deep self-respect for your journey is needed here as well as continuing to engage with your own inner balancing, personal health in all forms and grounding. It's intense out there and let's acknowledge that, and it's going to continue to be an intense transitional phase.

That is also the higher vibrational essence of this Uranus in Taurus - energy awakening to your own denser imprints, releasing and re-balancing self. I'll give you an example. This is shadow work, we're seeing the shadow everywhere, all of the shadow. Shadow is a little bit misunderstood because people tend to identify shadow as negative aspects within self. Shadow is disowned aspects within self that get pushed down into the subconscious and effectively fragment.

A great example of this, and I hope she's listening, is a wonderful client I had last week. As I was going into connect with her guides, the guides were showing me her as a five-year-old pulling on her mom's shirt. Mom is busy, she was busy working, busy working, busy working. That child had just undergone a huge awakening event and had no one to talk to, had no one to help her process this event.

Part of that awakening, extrasensory energy got pushed down because children are so wise and they negate parts of themselves that the family finds unacceptable and expand the parts of themselves that the family and society finds acceptable. Unacceptable, acceptable. That shadow, that's a fragmentation. She's been making decisions and not integrating that fragmentation of herself that broke off when she was just a little baby girl.

It wasn't her fault, she was adjusting and adapting to her environment, but when you shut down that sensory informational exchange energy, you're using your brain all the time. The mind calculates, the heart feels. The heart is a part of ascension and integration energy. Then she started crying, she said, "I'm so sorry I'm crying," and I said, "I'm not." I'm really glad because I told her I saw exactly what it was and I saw her, and it's very healing to be seen without judgment.

The crying, when clients cry with me, I'm actually very embracing of that. I'm glad you feel safe enough to cry and they're often crying because I see what's been going on with their patterns. We discussed that and her learning not to trust herself because that wasn't supported. That is a fragmentation and a shadow piece. You see? What we're doing is we're moving through another T-square, the first 10 days of this month just like July. Mars and Venus move through the Uranus Saturn square.

Now, the Sun, what is the Sun? Consciousness. Unconscious fragmentation shadow, that's unconscious, subconscious. Sun, it's in my consciousness. Mercury is that left brain. The 17-year-old boy who thinks he knows everything. [laughs] He's been elevated to this higher position but doesn't understand all of the other information system exchanges that human souls have, so we've got to calm down that left brain, tell it that everything's okay because the left brain, the ego brain is very fearful, it wants the known, no change, let's stay right where we are and go round and round and round and round.

Sun and Mercury are conjunct. The Sun is your conscious will and confidence, solar plexus. Mercury is the mind, throat chakra patterning, and thought. They're both in opposition to Saturn from the 1st of August through the 3rd of August from about 10 degrees of Leo. Heart. What's Leo? Your heart, your innocence, your inner child and that's opposing Saturn in Aquarius. Oppositions mean that your movie is showing this to you in some way. Life is but a dream, sweetheart.

We're in our movie, we're in our hologram, and a great example of this is, oh, why do I keep attracting people who are unavailable? Then director, your higher self is like, "Shoot," the camera's rolling, and then it's a close-up, and yet, another partner who's unavailable and the camera gets closer and it gets more obnoxious and more exaggerated, and it's saying, "It's part of the shadow."

Who was the parent that was unavailable to you that you have abandonment issues with? Until you bring that up onto the stage of your life, it's going to continue to operate below the stage. That's all. Why do I keep attracting? Why do I keep working for angry abusive bosses? Camera, closing in, more abusive bosses come in. Why is this happening? The fragment, abusive parent energy or abuse in the family.

It has been disowned, maybe it's too painful and you can't remember it, but that energy and your soul work is about the integration and the healing of that child heart, of that self-respect, of developing healthy boundaries, and it will keep coming in until that fragment is integrated. It's just the way it works. We're all in a movie, all of these actors playing their roles. You're the director of it, unconsciously directing, but the more consciously you can direct, but this isn't about, everything's great, everything's great, everything's great.

It's not about toxic positivity as some in the community may tell you, it's about retrieving these fragments so they have someplace to live. They have a home, they're with your heart in great love and compassion and acceptance and support and re-parenting that energy. We're going through this Saturn opposition, and then the square to Uranus from the 3rd into the 9th. Mercury squares Uranus, the Sun squares Uranus. Tension, adjustment, I need to do something, I'm feeling pressured.

Uranus and Taurus is about awakening to deep self-care, deep self-respect, deep self-wealth as the Saturn in the movie is playing out. Oppositions are about awareness of the energy that's being mirrored to you from your external movie, which is actually a part of yourself. All of this is a part of ourselves and the Sun-Mercury conjunction is working in tandem to bring awareness into your field, into the production notes. On the 1st of August, Mars, which is about instinct and confidence transits into Virgo through September 15th.

Now, this Virgo energy is the focus on health. Spiritual health, emotional health, and how that all equates to your physical body. Physical issues arise when there is long-term emotional components at play. As we know, this is an important time on planet to take responsibility for your health in what you eat, what you watch on the programming your mind television, and I'm hearing from a lot of people that they can't watch the cable programming any longer.

They're seeing all of the subliminal messages and control themes, and that's excellent, very good. Choose differently how you also care for your mental health, what you feed your mind, is it nutritious? Is it toxic? Mars and Virgo can be hypercritical, and we can deduce what this theme may be regarding health drama that's going on in the planet. The division energy we are undergoing has also been programmed into the minds of millions and you know what I'm talking about, so please, honor yourself and your choices.

In other words, it's binary thinking, which is the basis of computer programming, ones, and zeros. Binary thinking is this or that, that or this, there's no nuance, there's no deeper content, it's just this or that. If you're doing this or that, if you're saying that, you're this. Rage, rage, anger, anger, rage, rage, "Are you saying, et cetera, et cetera?" I'm like, "No, I'm not saying et cetera, et cetera, I'm saying this specifically," but then they start deducing all kinds of content.

It's not a great approach for critical thinking and discernment even as that may be modeled for you. I'm bad, you're good, you're good, I'm bad, this is right, this is wrong, there's no nuance in binary thinking. Have I mentioned recently, the United States' progressed ascendant is in Virgo? Lower vibration of Virgo is critical thinking and finger-pointing. The problem is, when you do that with your fellow citizens, none of us asked for this pandemic, it was thrust upon all of us, and most people are doing the best they can with the limited information that may be available.

The higher expression of Virgo is tending to your health, tending to your mind, releasing toxic perfectionist tendencies, and to stop pointing that onto others. That's part of your fragment when you're always on each other and just taking away little soundbites, or short quotes without any context. That is unconscious lower vibrational anger a Virgo tendency, but focusing on our immune health and our vascular systems is important now.

Virgo gathers and she tends to her crops, right? The Moon in Leo is on August 8th at 16 degrees, and it's carrying forward the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all conjunct opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus in Leo. New themes with Leo is about personal pride, and accomplishment, and play, and the inner child, and the innocence of your own heart, and self-expression, children is a part of this as well, and engaging with that play and self-expression.

Now, with these oppositions to Saturn that is being impeded in some way by authority figures in the square to Uranus, it's also bringing up a lot of issues around personal value and choice. Leo predominant seeks approval and respect and is often tied to the father energy in your developmental years. Leo-born people, they're looking really for their father to be proud of them and we see a lot of Leos out there in positions of power and executives, et cetera.

They're seeking the approval and pride that they never got and entertainers that they never got from their own father. Maybe the father wasn't there, maybe the father was deeply wounded and unconscious himself, but that Leo projection is part of the fame thing. "If I can be famous and everyone loves me, that will fill up my heart," and it rarely does. That's the trick of great success that you find with a lot of people, they feel as empty and barren as ever because that hasn't fixed the fragmented part of themselves that they disowned.

We're going a little deep here. Humans want and need, though, a feeling of belonging with other humans. We've seen skyrocketing suicides this year, especially with young people who feel very alone and isolated, coupled with our archaic mental health systems that are also dysfunctional. It's a reminder that a smile can shift a person's mood, that a kind, considerate word and greeting can make a difference in a human life. What do you need to feel connected and supported, and how can you go about getting that need met?

I had a really rough time in June. I was processing a lot of grief energy. Collectively in my own life, I've lost three family members, and none of them due to COVID, in the past 18 months. It was very weighted, heavy energy. That's not uncommon in this human journey, but if you can understand that feelings flow and change when you repress and deny human emotion, it goes down into that subconscious where it's stuffed and fragmented.

A lot of young people are looking around like, "This place is insane, this world is insane." They would be right if they can hang in there and understand the time period that we're in of all the dysfunctional systems, and all the shadow attached to that being so often out there, and all of the humans who are very fragmented themselves with their own wounds and personal traumas. If you're young, be aware of this, you are not crazy, and reach out in whatever way you can find that is supportive and healing for you.

Just one person can make a difference. I have my team I go to. I can't do this work without being supported. Are you kidding me? I have to process what I also pick up from out there, and it's not always easy. It's not always easy doing this work, so I really want to support all of you lovely souls on planet who are here for this very reason. All right, August 11th, Mercury, the planet of mind and life rhythms transits into Virgo through the 30th of August and joins the Mars and Venus energy.

We are in hyper Virgo territory here. The Sun will join and transit into Virgo on the 22nd. If you have been waiting for the energy or will to get organized, to upgrade your health routine, to streamline the functional side of your life, to tweak your products and services, anything ergonomic in minding the details, cultivating discernment, loving on your pet, maybe bringing in a new pet, this Virgo energy is beautiful for all of this. The time is upon you.

This can be an extremely productive period for many, watch out for that hypercritical though. Venus in Virgo on the 11th is also making a lovely trine to Pluto in Capricorn on the 11th from 25 degrees emphasizing work, effectiveness, relationship depth, and financial flow. Then I leave you with this, an interesting exercise. I did this last year and I opened it in May and assessed, very revealing, very interesting. Write down on a sheet of paper everything that you believe to be true right now.

Put it in an envelope seal it, give it to a trusted third party, tuck it away make a note to yourself, and then open it a year from now. Look at what you believe a year from now compared to what you believe now. It's fascinating and often quite revealing, it's fun. See what matches a year from now and what doesn't, it's interesting. Blessings, everyone, be well and I'll speak with you again soon.




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Thank for this Jean. It clarifies a lot of what I have been feeling.



Anne zampella

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