REPOST:  Awakening to Crisis Themes

REPOST: Awakening to Crisis Themes


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As Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn and the New Moon in Sagittarius (symbolizing truth) aligns with the Sidereal Scorpio (representing the underbelly), there is a collective call to confront a longstanding issue that has impacted our planet for ages. This influence operates on a dimensional and manipulative level, shaping our perception of reality by exerting pressure through fear, low self-esteem, insecurity, and unethical behaviors.

The invitation to seek awakening is an invitation to embrace truth, even when uncomfortable, as it serves as a guiding force for cultivating self-love, living with integrity, and acting upon our innate knowing.

Power, control and financial themes grow in influence when Pluto transits the sign of Capricorn.  This theme has been in effect for some time with new levels of influence dating back to the 9/11 event when Saturn opposed Pluto and more recently when Pluto entered Capricorn and the housing crash of 2008 occurred. Immense transfers of wealth of been the hallmark of the era.

The energy on planet is high through solar flares, a weakening gravity belt, pole shifts, Schumann Resonance (Earth's magnetic field) and high plasma activity.  Many are awakening to frequency beyond the physical senses and reconnecting to these dimensional energies.

Pluto also requires you to work with your own shadow energy or fragments of self that have been pushed or relegated into the subconscious realms due to shame, unsafe environments and lack of support.  The reclamation of shadow fragments seeks your conscious awareness and love. 

I see shadow as aspects of self that break off and shifted out of love.  Don’t ask a person what is wrong with them ask what happened to them?

This period of time on planet, while Pluto is pushing through the final degrees of Capricorn is asking you to be aware of the shadow operating within governments, media and the corporate state.  Pluto’s task is to shine light on the darkness to aid humanity's awakening to see truth in order to evolve.

In the spring of 2020 the Guides shared that there will be ongoing planned crisis themes perpetuated on humanity.  One crisis has dissipated that brought a level of control measures unforeseen in our lifetime and moved quickly into the next crisis theme.  This was also planned to divert attention away from the incoherent data and facts that are now surfacing from the last crisis.  Said another way, there is nothing like war to bring a country together, divert attention and focus on a new external threat. 

Are many suffering?  Of course and the human heart feels the weight of it.  The media will continue to present suffering content over and over and over. They are intentionally creating the clouds but give distorted explanations for the rain. 

There will be more planned crisis.

This ongoing push is for humanity to awaken to the shadow of these forces and elevate awareness into a higher level of consciousness.  The more you sink into fear and protection themes the more power feeds on this low energy it intentionally generates.

Love includes truth and awakening is the ability to see through this inorganic dream or hologram and respond to it from this higher awareness. 

We don’t get truth from our media as they are the mouth piece of power and through them we are constantly fed distortion and propaganda that creates anger, fear and division.

When more people “awaken” to the shadow of world governments, hidden governments and corporate power this hologram will change and cease to be such a force of power.

That is why your individual path IS important to the planet and the collective.  You matter.  Your love matters.  Your awakening matters.  You're ability to see truth matters. Your creativity matters.  Your evolving consciousness matters.

Respectfully submitted in love and peace,

Jean ~



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Hello Jean- could you expand on “there will be more planned Crisis”, is there a timeline? Also since the media is so corrupt where can you turn to keep up with current events happening? Thank you for all you do 🙏🏼

Nancy Spalenka

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