Channeled:  Tenacity and Evolution

Channeled: Tenacity and Evolution

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Welcome. And we always hold the intention of the gathering of the people today, but also those who will be viewing this into the future, for the highest and best outcomes possible. We would like to speak to you today of tenacity, the tenacity of your evolutionary timeline. And some things to think about in pondering this very grand statement is, we see this as a time of people looking at all that does not resonate for them. And that is a useful practice, because we see people's lives filled with things that are not aligned with them vibrationally, emotionally, psychologically, so we invite you to take a look at some of these themes and habits you have been doing, or in some instances, much of your life for decades, for years. And of course, we are not speaking about letting go of very real and necessary obligations and responsibilities. But there is much more room here for you to ponder and review those things that you do on a daily basis, much of which are quite unconscious.

We have shared before, that this is also a time where there are frequencies merging with your carbon based DNA. And that sounds lovely when we share this. But the functional aspect of this is bringing up people, situations, jobs, that are no longer in resonance with the original carbon DNA codes, you see. So we bring the science to you. But we also bring to you the behavioral expressions of these changing frequencies that are occurring collectively. Not for everyone, mind you. But for certainly those of you participating in these channels and streams. This is urging you along on your own personal evolution. So to this, we would say and one thing we see frequently is the need or the fear of not being busy, I should be doing something, I should be being productive. We would like to say that some of this programming has occurred through the systems on your planet that your parents inherited and the family before them. This we would say, busyness for the sake of busyness is not necessary. In fact, the more you can create comfort and space if you allow yourself to relax into the not having to do anything to allow for the central nervous system to relax into relaxation. We see some of this as being a nervous, anxiety tendency of always being busy and distracting self through activity, and media and habits that really are not aligning with you any longer.

So, when you feel anxious and the need to do something to distract self, we invite you to BREATHE just to simply breathe, and to check in with yourself. Ask self how am I doing in this moment? Self may respond I feel anxious and you respond with is this a habit? This anxiety, this need to be doing and accomplishing something? And then the next question would be what can I embrace that would help me to feel more relaxation? And we speak again of tenacity, the tenacity of reaching out for those environmental energies that bring soothing or calmness, this may be walking in nature this may be listening to music, this may be engaging yourself in some creative act that brings pleasure and beauty into your life this may be taking a nap, this may be sitting in the sunshine, this may be releasing the pressure of having to do anything at all. The spaces in between busyness are an elixir for these habits of fear based productivity patterns. Can you trust us on this, the more space you can create, with the aim of relaxing and releasing.

And we have a very useful and grounded proposition to pose to you when you are feeling anxious is to imagine the light coming in through the top of your head and moving in a swirling, rotational manner as we have shared before through your body. And take that down into the sacrum, down into the root of your spine. See that sacrum as a root that grows deeply into the ground, deeply it grounds in it moves maybe just a few inches, maybe feet maybe deeply into the earth. And as you're imagining that you thank the earth and her consciousness for receiving these denser fearful emotions, as she has the consciousness to transmute them and to transform them. And thank you for her receivership. And you release and drain out of your body out of your auric field out of your bio matrix these discordant tones or frequencies running within you very simple, elegant and highly effective visioning for you to release and ground to release and ground to release and ground release guilt, release shame, released fear based doing, and busyness.

When you feel that you have emptied out and released some of these patterns, you can then bring that energy up from Gaia in another rotational spin as she is infusing your frequency and system with love, profound kindness, peacefulness, acceptance and gratitude for your healing and your evolutionary process. Yes, you see how you feel and how you manage your frequencies is important to us, it is important to humanity, it is important to the evolution of your planet. You are here during these timeline shifts to work with this evolutionary process. And many of you here are here to do this specifically. It may not be glamorous, it may not be tic tok worthy, it may not be a social post. It is a deepening inner self respect for the understanding of the larger trajectory of this incarnation for you. Yes. The tenacity to see the bigger picture in your souls trajectory. You can also release the need to criticize, to change, to convince another of anything that releases much stress, does it not? Does it not?

If you need their cooperation or input, we suggest you approach that when you are in this state of more expansive peacefulness and grounding within, yes. And that invitation or need for cooperation can be met from a different frequency pattern than you have experienced in the past, you see, you are affecting your reality and your life all the time, moment by moment. So, it bears out to reason that in taking care of your moment to moment serves not only you, but in a very functional way, everything around you. The tenacity of understanding that you are moving through a time where there is the revelation of systems on planet that have been so controlling for so long. And to, to let out a big sigh of relief in understanding why some of these self-critical programs and tendencies have been actively encouraged and dictated through systems on your planet. You see, ascension and evolution sounds lovely. But there are very real mechanics involved in these changing patterns. And that is the tenacity and the responsibility within each human to understand their role of changing the way they connect vibrationally to their own world, and how they have set up patterns and habits in their life that are in need of change. It's not the kind of change that is about more work or hardship, per se, but more resonance, more resonance, more light following one's heart more.

And yes, we see there is grief in many people's hearts and we would again say you can acknowledge that grief and you can also send that grief in the root system of your sacrum down into the earth to be transformed and transmuted. Some of this grief is ancient grief and experiences you have had or seen especially on your earth plane incarnations. Yes. So, you understand why we speak today of tenacity it is not just the allowing or the path of least resistance in some cases, but actively taking stock of your own reality patterns. And the more you can lean towards the light of kindness, love and we say self love.....primary,  releasing of shame and guilt .....primary, and allowing that which enhances, enlivens, improves your mood and emotional body, reaching out for and taking the responsibility for your life. That is a different way of thinking too and that can bring some resistance.

To be responsible for our life is to be present with ourselves as much as possible. And that can be uncomfortable at times. And we are not saying that this should be a hyper diligent self-awareness, but to be more and more self-aware and present on behalf of yourself. This trajectory of ultimate evolution on your planet, and we will even say revolution on your planet, the revolution of souls that are rising up to reclaim their heart, their sovereignty, their compassion, their kindness, their community, their Earth, and their connection with not only their divine self, but the divinity of Mother Earth herself. It forms the three layers of being, the Earth, the self, and the heart, and the sky and the sun, that vertical connection that leads to coherence and evolution and the revolution of the denouncement that does not feed into the light.

But more importantly for our purposes today, the awareness of what drains your energy versus what gives you energy. We call you to that responsibility within itself. And if it makes you feel better, it enhances everyone else, that collective energy and the planet itself. But it is the learning of not always doing out there. But the being in here, that is increasing the frequency, the plasma and the magnetic fields in the unified field, that which all of you swim in, quite unconsciously unbeknownst to the effects that this field both enacts upon you and that you enact upon it.

Yes. So we we lovingly urge you and support you and encourage you. We lovingly acknowledge this passage that can feel tricky at times, challenging at times.

And when it does you in the tenacity of building your patterns in life that are life giving, will move through this time with less jolted jolts and disruptions. Yes, as you are serving both your soul contracts and agreements serving the planet and serving the collective writ large. We are so loving and encouraging other the human pathway. Please know you have so much love and support that surrounds you in these fields of consciousness if you can bet but quiet yourself to listen and engage. And this will increase the more you create that space and time between busyness to allow for divinely guided insight from your higher self and those guides who are assigned to help you and assist in your growth in this dimensional space. We are grateful for this time together. We send you much love ~


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