Chaos and straddling Eclipses ~

Chaos and straddling Eclipses ~

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Chaos Reigns - we are living through a passage in time that is dissolving institutions and political systems. We are in between two eclipse patterns that shake things up and reveal conditions.

This administration has been especially effective in revealing corruption both at the highest office and in the political systems (voting, legislative agendas that cater to the wealthy, and deregulation in the name of profit and at the expense of human, animal and earth safety to name just a few...). Some are leaving the system as it is exacting too much of a toll on their heart and mind in a political era when careers "trump" public service and clear conscious.

It is an important time to stay very clear and grounded within your energy and vibration. Many power games are being played out and all but a few of good intention. You tend to this by directing your light, energy and clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

Make your voice heard to the power structures that this is unacceptable. See your light as overcoming and overpowering the dark - the truth contains love, light and peace. Grounded clarity ~ If you would like to join those of us in "directing" your energy please join us at the Authentic Citizens United page ~

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