• Great integrational thinking and summarizing of how far we have “decayed” in terms of dark energies destroying public participation and humanity as a whole. Not only in USA but also for leaders of entire Earth-these messages ring true.We are told it is women’s time on Earth to shift from patriarchal to matriarchal societies, and in doing so bring back democratic principles, nurturing for the next generation of children, freedom to think and be thriving, rather than slaving for corporate greed and profit. Each day a silent army on the Earth “holds the light”. We have surpassed the “wisdom barrier” of using only a small portion of our brains, and are heading toward gleaning much more from the DNA innately contained within ourselves. However, it requires commitment and focus —and thus is why the powers that be want humanity to be “dumbed down” and almost unable to integrate thought-despite exposure to high tech instruments and worlds of information that can help people to connect the dots to what is really going on. In gratitude for you coming forth at this time in the world to share with all. A serious message for the purpose of enlightening all. NAMASTE Jean.

    Ms. Mel Bromberg
  • Thank you for your eyes are wide open!!!!

  • I have been following you for years. I really appreciate your thoughtful analyses.


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