Revisiting the Venus retrograde and final Pluto conjunction in March

Revisiting the Venus retrograde and final Pluto conjunction in March

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Dec. 8 – 28th: The planet of self-worth, interpersonal love, personal values, money, and resources, Venus, conjuncts the transformative planet Pluto three times over the next 4 months due to her retrograde on Dec. 19th at 27 degrees of Capricorn.  She will station direct on January 29th at 11 degrees of Capricorn.  The range of emotions run a spectrum providing for a meaningful journey when Venus makes her final conjunction to Pluto on March 3rd.

Pay attention to what comes up for you on Saturday the 11th when Venus conjuncts Pluto at 25 degrees of Capricorn, then again when retrograde on Christmas Day, the 25th and the final conjunctions occurs when Venus is direct on March 3rd.

Your relationship history is up for review.  Often, experiences from the past color your lens of perception in the present.  In the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn you have an opportunity to clear and transform past issues of feeling undervalued in your relationships, workspace, career and community.

Be aware of compulsive thoughts and behavior knowing this was a coping mechanism developed at an earlier time.

Remember, this is a time for bringing that Divine Feminine online after a couple thousand years of suppression.  The Feminine feels, receives, allows and works with her intuition, psychic ability, consciousness, love and dimensional upgrades.  The wounded Feminine manipulates and schemes. 

The healing Feminine learns inner trust, working with vibration in a conscious and intentional manner, and understands that the journey of self-love and respect is true empowerment.

We are all comprised of the masculine and feminine energy regardless of gender.

Pluto at his higher vibration is your Soul Urgings opposed to over thinking, analyzing and trying to figure things out at the intellectual level. 

Deepening your inner trust often requires an unlearning of all of the lies you have been told throughout your life regarding your value, how things are done and who you are.  Your DNA, ascension capabilities, the power of your heart and the force of your creative imagination are all ripe for reclamation, growth and personal transformation into the weeks ahead.  Blessings ~

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Thank you. This is a struggle I am having right now. That’s why I looked online for information about the Venus/Pluto conjunction, which falls in my 11th house and is close to Mercury in my chart. You gave the message I have been trying to give myself and clarified things for me.


Very interesting for me especially as Libra is my sun sigh and have Venus in the same house AND Capricorn is my ascending sign. Mmmmm

Joy Sachs

Thank you for this balanced, concise overview!


I printed this off for reference! I am feeling the timing is perfectly aligned for me to have a rebirth, free from past judgments! You’ve taught me so much valuable information, that has made things much clearer!
I’m trusting, and following my intuition more as synchronized steps have been laid out for me.
I feel truly blessed , and have a fresh start!🙏♍️

Melissa Chevrier

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