December 4th:  New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

December 4th: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse


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SATURDAY, December 4th:  New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius or a Super New Moon at 12 degrees exact at 2:44 a.m. EST.  Eclipse totality only visible from Antarctica and Partial Eclipse visible from South Africa.

Eclipses are known to be powerful triggers of events and in Sagittarius optimistic new developments are highlighted into the months ahead.  Sagittarius highlights travel; of the mind and literally, communication plans, teaching and learning.  This is the final eclipse in Sagittarius that has been a theme over the past 18 months focusing on your belief systems where the South Node has been transiting. 

The South Node is the fallback position and entrenched habits that don’t serve you any longer.  The South Node is the dysfunction and the North Node in Gemini the area of tentative growth as the unfamiliar gains traction in habit, thought and deed.

This has literally been a time of splitting realities, Gemini, regarding belief systems, Sagittarius. 

This Earth passage is encouraging the release of fear driven realities into one of endless possibility and deepening self-love.

Personally, you may be sensing or feeling an opening to this New Earth energy of soul evolution and the elevated awareness of co-creation, unity consciousness and the soul’s ability to create reality. 

The New Moon energy in Sagittarius conjuncts the Gemini ruled planet of Mercury.  Can entrenched beliefs more fluidly merge with fact finding, data and discussion?  The Eclipse amplifies optimism, new forms of communication, the merging of the lower mind (facts/details) with the higher mind (consciousness/expansiveness). 

What old beliefs about yourself and your world are dying and passing away?  You are love, you are enough and you are worthy.  What indoctrinated programming through family, school, church, and government are in need of release and renewal.

Saturn shakes hands from Aquarius in a sextile aspect seeking the cultivation of stability, responsibility and the gaining of wisdom in your path going forward. 

When you work with your life goals and desires in a practical, visionary and mentally balanced manner your world opens up to new possibilities and potentials.  Shine On ~

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