December Part 1 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse

December Part 1 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse

On Monday, December 14th the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 23 degrees of Sagittarius and is exact at 11:13 a.m. EASTERN US time.  Sagittarius is the sign of higher consciousness and the desire to expand through broader viewpoints and desires expansion in understanding.  



Welcome to your December Part 1 video and New Moon Solar Eclipse.  All 12 Sign by Sign videos are on Patreon for $11.40 per year or $1 per month and I’ll be posting general year ahead for each sign at the Winter Solstice so you’ll want to access those as well.

We open this period with the Sun still transiting through Sagittarius – higher courts, global themes and expanding your mind and curiosity.  Being a curious person in my view is the hallmark of intelligence.  On the 1st of December Mercury, the energy of mind, decisions, mobility and faith joins the Sun in Sagittarius where he will transit through December 20th.  We leave the suspicious, paranoid, truth seeking missile energy of Scorpio  – Mercury transited into this fixed water sign on September 27th!!  So, this elongated cycle concludes and you should feel more buoyant, optimistic and hopeful. 

Mercury is sextiling Saturn suggesting developments and decisions that were born from the Mercury square Saturn last month and connected through the United States national vote on November 3rd .  I will be highlighting some of the Country’s transits as the US is going through such an intense time.  The Square cut across the 10th house of Presidency and his communications/plans and the 2nd house of the country’s economy and its ability to allocate resources….

On Monday, December 14th the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 23 degrees of Sagittarius and is exact at 11:13 a.m. EASTERN US time.  Sagittarius is the sign of higher consciousness and the desire to expand through broader viewpoints and desires expansion in understanding.  Sagittarius holds rulership over the 9th house and refers to the expansion of your mind through understanding and wisdom.  This is a “House of Life,” which corresponds to fire signs and the light of spirit and consciousness.  It’s enthusiastic and is interested in the spirit.  It’s the search for meaning, understanding and wisdom.  It is the lifelong energy to find out what one believes about the world, God, man and life – basically your outlook on life and how you prescribe meaning to it. 

This Eclipse highlights legal affairs and the higher courts in the land, society’s rules of conduct this also highlights colleges, airlines and international affairs and travel.  Dreams, visions, intuition, inspiration and writing/publishing/taking classes and teaching classes. 

The Eclipse conjuncts the energy of rulings, decisions and planning, Mercury, trines the archetype of will, ego, energy, confidence and asserting oneself, Mars, and squares nebulous, confusing and making adjustments regarding medicine, spiritual awareness and creative pursuits, Neptune.  The Total Solar Eclipse (the most dramatic kind) also opposes the North Node in Gemini while conjuncting the South Node in Sagittarius – a new theme of seeking out factual data to form ones’ beliefs, opinions and consciousness.

This Eclipse will be visible from South America, Southwest Africa and Antarctica highlighting specific new themes for these countries into the weeks ahead.  The Eclipse occurs in the US 1st house of identity, people in the country, the masses, those being governed and the nation as a whole.  It correlates to the health and well-being of the tax paying citizens, opinions, public consciousness and psychology of the masses.  Legal developments and decisions will occur around this eclipse as it trines the country’s Progressed Mars in the 4th house of the country’s citizens, their living conditions, housing and the minority Political party.

It also squares Neptune in the nation’s 3rd house of media, communications, public transit, schools, Boards of Education, speech and language – confusion here and misinformation.  The US has been under a Pluto Mercury opposition from its 2nd house of money and resources to its 8th house of mortality rates, Stock Market, taxes, pensions, Social Security, public assistance from the government and the Stock Market. Pluto in hard contact to Mercury is prone to suspicions, conspiracies, distrust and part of the toxic communication patterns in the country. Also the corrupt use of a nation’s resources.  You fund the government, does the government fund and support you?  It perfects yet again on December 26th at 24 degrees Capricorn to Cancer and then again from August – November in 2022.

I feel this can suggest either government decisions such as unemployment, housing insecurity and Covid relief packages.  It is a HUGE focus as millions of Americans are dealing with crisis in their finances, business and housing situations.  As I’m filming this millions are left hanging as to where they will be the day after Christmas (when many support protections expire) This opposition is EXACT on the 26th.

Eclipses are fated and are intent upon moving you along in your own growth and life themes.  This is a positive energy and theme that will be moving you along ready or not into the weeks ahead. 

I send prolific loving energy to the souls populating this planet.  And, it’s an important period for adjustments, if needed in your own belief systems.  Again, this is your hologram and soul experience.  How are you interfacing with your world?  A powerful time to reflect on your own value judgements – anger, shame, love, truth, untruths?  This requires a clearing, perhaps of some of your perceptions. 

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