December Part 2 and Full Moon in Gemini

December Part 2 and Full Moon in Gemini

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WELCOME to your December Part Two video and thank you for tuning in.  I am running holiday specials on services, gift certificates and the 2022 Videoscopes per sign and Year Overview will be up shortly on Patreon my membership site.

This is my final forecast of what has been a year of tension and great change.  I want to thank you for your fortitude and perseverance during this time.  I will now share with you a message from the guides I work with and this specifically comes from the Arcturian Collective Energy:

“We see and acknowledge the burgeoning light on your planet – the increasing vibration so many of you souls are aligning with and expanding in your biology and consciousness.  This continues to grow stronger into this period ahead and illuminates the dark energy of lowered and vacant consciousness.

We want to reassure you that this is the journey at this time.  This light literally absorbs and transmutes this heavier energy.  So too, is this occurring within the individual, lets call this psychic surgery – a necessary process in which to increase the light of consciousness on your home planet Earth.

We encourage you to awaken from the bad dreams and to dream new dreams as you are the dreamer and creator of worlds.  We are grateful for your healing and light.”

Your identity is changing and growing as is mine and I now share publicly the channeling I’ve been engaging with both personally and with my clients.  I am actually quite a private person so it took me some time to bring this up and out into the public arena.

I share this as I feel this is a dynamic occurring within many of you now, the evolution of your identity, how you think about yourself and the tentativeness of walking a new path of growth and development.

Mars continues his journey through the spiritually focused sign of Sagittarius learning to ground yourself while connecting to the higher realms, light, and your spirit.  Awaking is in the small steps of daily living through setting intentions, working with your vibrational energy through intention, music healing and choice of focus.

We move into the Full Moon in Gemini on December 18th at 28 degrees.  Gemini is the sign of duality and learning to integrate and balance diverging influences and perceptions.  Gemini literally speaks to splitting of timelines and different realities being experienced here on Earth.  Gemini is curious, mobile, communicative, humorous, flirty and pops about like the proverbial butterfly gathering information, facts and details.  The Full Moon trines Jupiter in Aquarius = a social time of interactions with others and squares Neptune in Pisces the energy of medicine, meditation, creativity, and sensitivity. 

Developments occur that can both uplift as well as confuse.  The following day is the Venus station retrograde at 27 degrees of Capricorn and she will station direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn (11 is a self-mastery number) on January 29th.

Retrogrades are spiritual transits as you are reviewing your relationship to self and all that resides outside of self.  Your relationship to your community, company, parents and all sources of external authority is a focus now.  She is seeking to teach you to become your own inner authority and to peel away the all of the lies you have been told about who you are, the truth of your DNA, your divinity and consciousness. 

Your relationship history is up for review.  Often, experiences from the past color your lens of perception in the present.  In the sign of the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn you have an opportunity to clear out and transform issues of your worth that then informs your career and life direction.

Remember, this is a time for bringing that Divine Feminine online after a couple thousand years of suppression.  The Feminine feels, receives, allows and works with her intuition, psychic ability, consciousness and dimensional upgrades. 

And on the same day the Centaur planet of healing the wounds of the past and the building of wisdom and skills, Chiron, stations direct at 9 degrees of Aries (he has been retrograde since July). 

Through 2027 Chiron will draw our attention to the wounds inflicted on our will: to our fear of powerlessness. A collective awakening will strengthen regarding human rights and free will.  Perhaps he can teach us to resolve conflicts more openly without immediately becoming destructive. The search for personal identity is strong.  Chiron's transit of Aries creates a proactive avenue for creating new structures and collective organizing.  It is a spirited and pioneering time to trail-blaze new ways of living, working and participating in personal healing modalities.

The Winter Solstice in the North and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is exact on Tuesday, December 21st at 10:59 a.m. EASTERN US time and makes a harmonious and optimistic sextile to Jupiter in the final degrees of Aquarius. 

The word solstice comes from the Latin word to "stand still" and is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Solstice is an invitation to tend to the deepest aspects of your inner nature, to turn inward and create ritual space to nurture the birthing of your own spiritual sun within. To realign your choices to the greatest of intentions for what the year brings and make to progress in your journey of awakening.

The final Saturn Uranus square is exact on December 24th or Christmas Eve here in the United States.  The final series of transits is often the bringer of breakthroughs, resolutions and movement going forward.  Uranus is awakening from his slumber as we move into January providing the impulse and electric pulse to help you move through limiting perceptions of your own sense of freedom and authenticity.

Jupiter now moves away from Aquarius on the 28th not to visit again for another 12 years and moves back into Pisces.  Remember Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius the explorer.  The glyph of Jupiter looks like the number 4 and symbolizes the personality rising above the material world and no longer feeling confined by it.

Compassion is also a strong feature with the Jupiter Pisces transit as a deepening interest in meditation and the mind/body connection increases in the collective energy.  Pisces rules the 12th house of the natural zodiac wheel which represents how you release, retreat, contemplate, dream and notice synchronicity operating in your life.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE ~ Thank you for your healing and your Light ~


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