December Part 2:  Power to the People ~ Great Conjunction in Aquarius

December Part 2: Power to the People ~ Great Conjunction in Aquarius

 Saturn will be transiting through Aquarius until March 2023; Jupiter until May of 2021 when he will move into Pisces until the end of July and then retrogrades back into Aquarius until the end of the year. Jupiter is priming your plans giving you optimism.  Jupiter conjunct Saturn is about joyfully and willingly committing to a path for yourself that will grow in your sense of freedom, authenticity, collaborative energy and inventive creative energy. That's where Jupiter and Saturn are brilliant when they conjunct because it's saying, yes, I'm excited to commit and work towards goals and take responsibility for.

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Hey everybody, welcome to December part two. I'm going to call this video, Power to the People. Your general 2021 year ahead video is up on Patreon or will be shortly for each sign. This is a freedom from enslavement, and that sounds very dramatic, but applicable nonetheless. Freedom from family and societal dogma. Freedom from systems. Freedom from ghosts clanking around in your own mind.

Over the last 40 years, the United States has cultivated really in my view, an economy of hopelessness for all but a few, while claiming itself to be the harbinger of hope for the masses of the people. You've been told to focus your attention on the biography and the personality of politicians, so you never think about their ideology, their politics or who they serve. The systems that govern societies are very good for those who orchestrate and control the systems, but not for the people these systems supposedly serve. People are getting clearer and clearer on this basic truth, which is very, very good and healing.

Greed, not human development, health nor well-being drives the systems. Banking systems that bailout corporate sectors and themselves, once again, which is what we saw with the CARES Act last spring. Now Chiron, that centaur planet which is about wounding and healing, wounding and healing. Seeing the woundedness in order to heal through the duality of what low vibration looks like, versus high healing, loving vibration looks like. Chiron health and becoming conscious of these patterns on the planet, stations direct on December 15th at 4 degrees of Aries.

It's been retrograde since July 11th, 14 million people in the United States have lost their health care this past year; added to the number that was quoted in 2019 at 28.9 million, so almost 30 million. We can add another 14 million onto that, and if I have my numbers wrong, you can check me. Of the non-elderly people actually, that weren't insured in 2019, and an increase of more than 1 million from the year prior in 2018. Then here in 2020 were looking at about 14 million or so additional people who are unemployed.

Health insurance shouldn't be tied to employment, but in this country, propaganda is the norm, and that healthcare for all is socialism. We've increasingly been operating under a burgeoning socialist system for the wealthy and corporate class. They say cut taxes for corporations, and that will create job creation, going back to the 1980s trickle-down economics. Then why have wages stagnated actually the past 40 years? Corporation sink money that they earn, and are bailed out with into buying back their stocks to increase their value. That's why the stock market is absolutely a false indices of what's going on with the actual humans, and working class, and the economy.

Corporations took money last spring, fired workers, and bought back stocks. The wound, a system of propaganda through corporate media channels that are owned by the very systems. Coming at you to sell you on the system, and manufacturing your consent for their self-enrichment. In truth, were under socialism for the corporate class and rugged capitalism for the rest of us. Under the current president, a tax break for the wealthy in 2017 was passed and has been the biggest yet tax break for the upper classes. Obama perpetrated the too-big-to-fail bailout system for the banks and the housing crisis who played fast and loose with our money and were never charged for their crimes. Many paid themselves out huge bonuses.

Now an old strategy of power called divide-and-conquer approach, which is about creating division within the population. The more division you can create within them, the less they'll pay attention to our actual policies. The Trump presidency has been lucrative for media revenues the past four years. Republicans versus Democrats, white versus black, brown, those who really know no conspiracy versus the gullible, stupid, is another distraction. This is where they've been focusing overly much on identity politics. What do I mean by that? I've hired a black person, I've hired a female person, I've hired a Hispanic person, and wanting to feel satiated by the ethnicity of the people placed in positions.

What I'm suggesting is you need to know the ideologies of the people placed in their positions regardless of identity politics and what their legislative policies have been. In a country where propaganda is the norm, the healthcare for all is socialism, and we've increasingly been operating under a burgeoning socialist system for the wealthy and corporate class. They say, cut taxes for corporations et cetera, but the system itself is not bipartisan. The system serves itself. The system operates above presidents, above partisan politics, you go up to the banking system.

Trump especially has been very effective in this divide-and-conquer approach which has been alarming for some, because so many people have been responding to that blaming their fellow citizens for this, that, and the other issues rather than looking upward vertically to the systems. People are angry because their quality of life has been falling away, falling away, and falling away understandably. What the problem has been is then people will harness that anger and give it direction, but this president has even been inciting violence with those who oppose him or his loyalists. That's why he's been a little bit more troubling, but again, he's just a mid-level player in a much higher system.

Human civilization is now challenged really, to fundamentally change our prevailing world view from domination, separation, me versus you, competition to partnership, unity, collaboration. We all really want the same things. We want to have our basic needs met, and opportunity for growth and education and safety, but for those at the top of these systems and running them, life is good for them, and will fight against this change. "I'm good, why do we need to change this?" Where you experience value and worth.

Venus is now transiting into Sagittarius on December 15th, through January 8th, and she leaves the intensity of Scorpio, and she can help you with perspective now and bigger picture. It's like coming up from scuba diving to really be available for, and we're still operating on this new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius, which is meant to be hopeful and expansive through awareness, through the forming of understanding.

Venus and Sagittarius will give a lot of value to your need for growth and expansion and opportunities. Now, from the 20th to the 26th of December and exact on the 23rd is the final Mars conjunct Eris square Pluto. From 23 degrees of Aries to Capricorn, it's hitting that same Saturn Pluto conjunction point last January. Mars is how you handle yourself, the way you go about getting what you want, how you handle your life force energy, and your sense of personal empowerment.

Your intention is everything now and can imbue you with a strong will to change and transform a situation in your life but the challenge is real as subconscious energy is bubbling up and the shadow side of self is activated, Pluto. Pluto represents the primordial soul records, karma, redemption, transformation, alchemy. When operating unconsciously, this interface is tangled, angry, demanding, harsh, and sometimes violent. Strong and deep urges for control and domination may very well proliferate through this passage.

Aries seeks independence and self-directed action and freedom and when Mars and Aries meets up and square with Pluto in Capricorn which is the government and the systems, the themes of raw and unfiltered power is way bare. Tension is palpable, pulling and stretching but in need of release and renewal and regeneration. It's a creative time to be aware of the criminal within and the predator without. How you work with this energy is the test and conscious intention replete with the do no harm message I'd like to impart. Do yourself no harm, do others no harm, and married with this is the need for transformation and a goal to shoot for.

If you can go into this thinking what do I need to release here, release here and I may be triggered by it and it may take me a little bit of time to consciously wrap my head around what this is, what this vibration is, what this feeling is. Also, with the Mars conjunct Eris, you want to ask yourself how, where you need to extract yourself from societal, perhaps from family programming, this will be the holiday season, and therein lies the gold. It's not easy to handle this transit even many practitioners who have been added awhile because literally there are aspects coming up that when it's unconscious, it's seeking to be made conscious.

Be really gentle with yourself as you're sitting with this, maybe clearing it, bringing it up into the heart space to feel it and take a look at what it is and then with the intention of lovingly releasing, loving releasing, scooping up and out, scooping up and out. The winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is exact at 5:02 AM Eastern United States Time and that's when the Sun ingresses Capricorn. The solstice is a portal and a harbinger for new paths, energies, and focus; a sense of change that will be growing into the cycle ahead.

Remember 2021 is a number five year which is about opportunities, change, marketing, expressing, being available, and flexible. This year's been a four year, find your social security or your emotional security, ground, ground, ground. Establish routines that support and nurture yourself and others. 2021 is changes are coming. There's opportunities in this timeline ahead, then a few hours later at 1:21 PM Eastern US Time is the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius setting up a new 200-year cycle of evolution in the air signs. Jupiter entered mid-month; Saturn entered mid-month.

Saturn will be transiting through Aquarius until march 2023; Jupiter until May of 2021 where it up into Pisces until the end of July and then retrogrades back into Aquarius until the end of the year. Jupiter is priming your plans giving you optimism and Jupiter and Saturn is about joyfully and willingly committing to a path for yourself that will grow in your sense of freedom and authenticity and collaborative energy and inventive creative energy. That's where Jupiter and Saturn are brilliant when they conjunct because it's saying, yes, I'm excited to commit and work towards goals and take responsibility for.

Jupiter lightens up the Saturn energy. Now, remember when Saturn first enters a sign, it's like a new car. We had a glimpse of that last spring when Saturn headed into Aquarius and all the lockdowns were happening and the protests were really gearing up after the George Floyd event. We will be seeing this into the timeline ahead. Aquarius is humanity, inequality, and releasing from the top-down systems into egalitarian-based systems. What does egalitarian mean? It's characterized by a belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic, or social life.

Our system has been those who have amassed wealth and power and then hence status they're treated differently than the rest of the people. You can commit crimes and not go to jail; you can do all kinds of things. There's one law for you and another law for the masses. If you haven't watched my great conjunction video on this website, you may want to search that and it'll pop up because I go into this energy more in-depth and what it means for the next two centuries ahead. Saturn and Aquarius seeks to organize and also indicates Aquarius control over populations.

This is going to be the tension this year because controls like I like being in control. These systems are serving me. No, we don't want you protesting, no we don't want you. Power doesn't give gifts. The system either needs to and/or reform itself or be changed because it has outworn what it is supposed to be, it is becoming increasingly transparent to those of you who can see it, who are not weighed down by all the propaganda. This will be a mighty theme into 2021 as Saturn squares Uranus in February, June, and December of 2021 but in effect all year, but concurrently, Saturn will be sextiling Chiron healing of self, healing population, health care systems.

Healing rides right along with wanting to break free Uranus Taurus from these systems financially and otherwise. My little pet project is Amazon. I pay more taxes than Jeff Bezos and I understand he doesn't treat his workers well and Amazon was posting job openings within their site for surveillance jobs for people within Amazon to surveil the workers in Amazon to make sure that they weren't gathering or unionizing or planning protests against the limited wages, healthcare, et cetera.

Where I can, I offload my purchases from Amazon and I've gone over to Etsy, E-T-S-Y where it's all a bunch of independent sellers. Talking with your money is always really effective too, the system understands money. That's just one way that I'm extracting myself from the system, but I went off the grid about a decade ago in a majority of cases, but that's an eye to think about, is where you can impact but, with also the solution behind it. I don't want to spend my money in Amazon, I pay more taxes than you Jeff Bezos. Etsy, online community of independent sellers, I can get behind that. I am happy to help expand and increase revenues for privately-owned companies, independents, et cetera.

This is the conflict between the old and the new, tradition versus modern. Saturn in Aquarius is about practical common sense and self-discipline and learning to be tolerant with fellow human beings who are struggling with themselves, others, and the systems that we are dealing with. The systems have failed so many in this country and in other countries, I realize but I can't speak with any expertise as to the situations in your countries other than what I read in the headlines and in the news services I subscribe to.

A lot of people are struggling with themselves. They want to escape from this reality, understandable. Escape their situation which may be looking hopeless. Homeless populations, all kinds of insecurities playing out here and with that the understanding and if moved, to help in some way. They're going to be very creative people and this is already going on, people birthing inventive solutions. A lot of solutions are there but the system won't get behind them because it doesn't enrich the system. You see? There's a lot of great solutions and resources out there.

This is also about transforming your own mind. It's also about aliens, alien life. We all know that that's true, astrology, innovation, collective activism, group dynamics. Jupiter in Aquarius is mentally adventurous and keen to learn. Good fortune can arrive when you're tolerant and fair and inventive and kind and cooperative. Strong humanitarian leanings live here. Saturn can help stabilize Jupiter. If you're going over the top and you're not grounded in practicality and functionality, this is where there can be a great willingness to accept more responsibility and commit to your goals.

From the 22nd through June 19th, is the first of two or three Neptune Square North Node. Neptune in Pisces is squaring the North Node, from the 22nd of December until January 19th, from 19 degrees of Pisces to Gemini. Neptune's very much the propaganda influence that this country's been under the past several years; it's been so prevalent. The North Node in Gemini is about checking the facts, being discerning, seeking out other sources of information to keep yourself informed.

For some of you, you'll experience this as a new passage of learning to trust and listen to your instincts and your intuitive messages and urges. It's kind of a left-brain, right brain. The left brain is going, "Oh, I'm not sure about this." Neptune's like, "Yes, just try that." If you just expand or whatever that may be. You can be aware of this process and test it out in your own way.

Now this holiday passage, especially from the 20th to the 26th of December, can be tricky. The more you can exercise self-awareness, commit to high levels of self-care and consciousness, the better, because remember that Mars conjunct Eris square Pluto's in effect. On the 25th of December Mercury is trining Uranus, which can be innovative and exciting and insightful but the Sun is also squaring Chiron. There's wounds here and there's sensitivity here with people's well-being, health situations, maybe many people aren't engaging in their ritual Christmas or holiday season because of the pandemic situation.

The Moon is grounded in central Taurus, so you need your comfort, you need your routines now and lean into that. Now the full Moon in Cancer perfects on the 29th of December and that's at eight degrees. That's bringing combinations and strong emotions to the surface, highlighting security needs, housing, family, business, parents. The Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury, opposes that moon, all conscious awareness of the feeling, the emotional nature. This full Moon in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus.

It's like the information is, how to bring more freedom and newness to your own field. If there is any sense of reclamation of your mind or parts of you that has been hijacked by events in the past because it is also squaring Chiron in Aries. This forecast really is all about health, humanities health, human health, social health, emotional health, psychic health, physical health.

On New Year's Eve, the Moon heads into dramatic heart-centered Leo at 1:58 PM, Eastern Standard Time. It opposes Saturn, then it opposes Jupiter through the day, but then at 9:00 PM, Eastern Time it moves into a trine with Chiron from about 9:30 onward, through the rest of New Year's Eve. Take it easy, especially during the midday here in the Eastern US with heaviness through judging and be careful with imbibing, be careful with your heart, be careful with your resources because Venus is squaring Neptune from Sag to Pisces. Being available to people who need to reach out, if you're going through something through here, reaching out.

This Venus is opposing that North Node in Gemini. Being able to talk it out, being able to verbalize, being able to communicate your feelings in a safe space while Venus is conjuncting that South Node in Sagittarius of old patterns. The intensities of this year will ease into 2021 and now you're asked to free yourself from dogma, from propaganda, from adherence to the systems, with an eye towards new systems within your own life, healing within your own life, new goals and possibilities within your own life. Friendships are important as we're coming into this here. Aligning yourself with like-minded people, your tribe, finding your tribe.

This is a time for a lot of you who have been operating in a very isolated way, especially the healers and the servers on the planet. This is a time where you really need to find others and the affinity and the growth and the support and the amplification of energy that can occur with that. To create and live from a much more healing and inclusive space. Go real gently this period and really bathe yourself, really bathe yourself in frequency and love and music. Use all of those tools that enhance your vibration. Much love to all of you and namaste for your journey. I'll speak with you again soon. Bye-bye.


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