Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine


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“The integration is of the feminine – receiving, allowing, knowing of your divine history, and your love, not because it needs to be earned or proven, but because you are divine souls who were born in the space and fields of consciousness, and some of you come from very different planetary systems than others.

But to this, we would say this is the connecting force in the fields, between these dimensional spaces and planetary systems that connect us all to one another. This we call the coherence of the heart as this increases your sense of inner light, your sense of balance, and your sense of forgiveness.

And by this we mean forgiving yourself for the limitations that you have placed on yourself and perhaps even others and the forgiveness of forgetting your divine history which is very much a part of this time.

The forgetting that so many of you came on to planet in order to have this amazing and magnificent experience of awakening once again.” ~Lyberia Divine Feminine Guide

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