February's Mastering Energy ~

February's Mastering Energy ~


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On the 3rd of February, Mercury's heading into Pisces. Mercury's slowing down this month and will station retrograde on the 16th of February. Be aware of that and tidy up any new initiatives or discussions and contracts. Retrogrades are useful as they encourage a review - read, process, integrate and contemplate.

This Mercury Pisces transit is going to be taking us through the mid-April time frame. It will retrograde briefly into Aquarius, station direct at 28 degrees Aquarius on March 9th and then head back into Pisces. It is a prime time for integrating that left and right brain. Globally we experience an increase of rainy weather systems and a denial of fact based information.

Feb. 8, Mercury begins to slow down before going retrograde on Feb. 16 at 13 degrees Pisces. It will retrograde until March 9 but will not "catch up" to the degree it was at (when it went retrograde) until the end of March. From mid Feb to the end of March is a bad time to buy computers, cars, invest in property, and enter long term binding agreements.

You may experience a strong affinity towards manifestation in meditation and prayer, focusing upon the highest good for yourself and others, that which would be fun, lovely, and the act of creatively connecting with in the source field - quantum field. This is a deepening focus of working with your own mind and connecting with the heart which has been part of this Venus transit through Pisces. This is a ripe time for stronger intuition and psychic access, clairvoyance and artistic creativity, and going back to build upon ideas and thoughts that you've had before the retrograde.  Be aware that your perceptions are hazy during this retrograde and the feeling sense is heightened. 

On the 7th of January, Venus leaves Pisces where she's been seeking to open your heart to compassion and heads into a very inspired and proactive energy in Aries on the 7th of February where she'll be transiting until March 4th. This is a very assertive placement for Venus. You'll find that people's approach to love and relationship is going to be much more direct and assertive.

This is  also an independent self-focused placement of Venus. Aries can be very inspired and in the moment, acting upon impulses of a friendly loving nature instead of holding on and thinking it through or overthinking it. Venus Aries is a lover of adventure and making things happen.

Mars is still transiting through the Sagittarian energy of knowledge and wanting to expansion in both perception as well as your life experiences.

The Full Moon in the sign of Leo at 20 degrees has a relationship feel about it and happy developments and experiences are highlighted.

The Sun is our consciousness, it's the life force and an integrating force merging heart with head, and subconscious with conscious. The Mars energy is about being able to act on behalf of the Sun. All of these energies are in line at this full moon on the 9th, play, children, romance, creativity, sharing, bringing your individual self up to share with friends and with the group. This is going to be a nice enhancing feel-good full moon. January was tough and tended toward a heavy laden month where everything felt contracted.

What was so confusing last year was the Jupiter square Neptune. Now we're heading into Jupiter sextiling Neptune from the 14th - 26th signaling an opportunity for feeling at one with the world, for feeling grounded and creative. A lot of sensitives and healers on the planet last year were feeling shifts and changes with their service and it was a bit confusing. You're going to find, especially those of you who are of service in the world, ta grounding and a template that's going to be growing underneath your feet and taking you on your next journey of service.

Meditation, music, art, dance, photography, spiritual groups, and travel are an avenue that can offer great peace, and tranquility, and creativity. You may find that you are trusting your intuition more or that your intuition is deepening.  The Jupiter sextile Neptune is from 18 degrees of Capricorn to 18 degrees of Pisces. Namaste ~


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