February 11th:  Mercury conjunct Pluto and the Human Journey

February 11th: Mercury conjunct Pluto and the Human Journey


Saturday, Feb. 11th: Mercury conjunct Pluto (4 degrees Capricorn Soul Chart/29 degrees Capricorn Earth Chart). Mercury represents communication and thought processes, while Pluto symbolizes transformation, power, and the unconscious. This aspect can indicate a strong connection between your conscious mind and unconscious desires and motivations, which can manifest in different ways, both positively and negatively.

Consciously, this aspect can manifest as a keen intellect, having a sharp mind and the ability to delve deeply into topics and ideas, gaining insight and understanding of complex subjects. The ability to communicate ideas effectively and influencing others through your words is strong now.

Possibilities: transformative experience with others (friends, children, siblings), commercial contracts, big money, government/corporate announcements, profound dreams, alchemical experiences and integrative awareness.

Unconsciously, this aspect can reveal a deep, intense and sometimes obsessive interest in uncovering the truth, whether it is in your inner world or in the outer world. There may also be an underlying drive to control and manipulate situations and people, which could stem from feelings of powerlessness and insecurity.

The more fearful a person the stronger their defense mechanisms and egoic energy.


When you choose a life on planet Earth you enter a lot of fear programming and it can be very disorienting for the soul embodied human. Power has much to protect their influence and their wealth. Fear, well known to many in power, is an effective tool that lowers consciousness and cognitive reasoning ability. This is the game ~

In understanding this game the integration is too move beyond the fear programming to choose consciously, lovingly and with the highest vibratory intentions you can hold and hence, learning about the power of the heart and your own multidimensional energies.

The evolutionary tool uses the energy of duality and polarity to initiate change. When power seeks to divide people you understand that the evolution is to gather with "the others" to amplify the vibrational tones of love, compassion and wisdom.

When power wants to control through fear the evolutionary tool is to rise above the programming to choose wisely and consciously.

Fear vs. Love, division vs. unity, blindly following authority vs. discernment in choice.

The Guides state the path is tied to the model of insane vs. sane and can people face and transform the fear within themselves to move beyond these collective programs. Much, much love ~

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