February 2021 Part 2 (Full Moon) ~

February 2021 Part 2 (Full Moon) ~

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 I filmed on my phone and juxtaposed my background!  Looks a little weird :)


Welcome to your February Part 2 video.  My name is Jean – I am an Intuitive Soul Coach who uses astrology as a template for human development –

A retrospective:

The United States has been going through its Nessus return – this is a centaur planet that symbolizes abuse themes.  Additionally the United States Progressed Ascendant has been in opposition to this very energy and will continue to bring up and out all of the UGLY for the next couple of years. 

During this passage power abuse related to misogyny, sexual abuse, systemic racism and those who wield power in abusive ways have been strongly on display in the collective hologram.

Why?  What is the meaning of this very uncomfortable cycle?  1. You can’t change a thing until you know that thing 2. You can’t heal from abuse until you acknowledge abuse as these are basic tenants for personal development and ultimately integration.  What is integration?  It is the joining together of fragments of self that have been compartmentalized due to abuse.

In hierarchical systems control is from the top down – very Capricorn.  Hierarchies are male (active force) dominated organizational systems as opposed to receptive feeling and intuition (feminine).  Many people have grown up in hierarchical families and worked in hierarchical systems where you were taught to fall in line and do what you are told to do.  This archetype is represented by the planet Saturn. 

Ideally, systems and people in their growth and development learn to work with both the receptive and the active.  Right now we are dealing with over developed or late stage active force.  When systems value business, profits and power at the expense of the human heart and dignity, we see rampant power abuse.

On this Earth plane we learn through contrast and duality.

We are also at a beginning of an era an epoch, if you will, that will affect societies and governments into the decades and centuries ahead.  So this is where we are in these larger cycles.  The push for equality and the nurturing of life in all forms is strong.

We meet the first of three transits that symbolize the very real struggle between these principals of control vs. life. 

Uranus seeks change and disruption as it transits the feminine and receptive sign of Taurus and squares the hierarchical archetype of control Saturn.  This square is exact on the 17th from 7 degrees of Aquarius to Taurus and is in effect through March 2nd.

For you personally, if you have planets/angles between 4 and 10 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio or Leo you will feel this tension more strongly.  For the individual it is the awareness of control and fear themes (Saturn) that have shaped your experience and Uranus the very real need for freedom and change.

Uranus will win this as it is an outer planet and stronger than Saturn – so there’s your clue.

On the 18th the integrating and conscious energy of the Sun transits into the feminine and flexible sign of Pisces – the archetype of the mystic, artist, and dreamer – a time of less intellectualizing and more emotional flow.

On the 20th the energy of mind, Mercury stops and shifts from reverse and the past as it stations direct in Aquarius at 11 degrees asking you to release the “not good enough” scripts and move into a stronger energy of personal self-mastery.  This will be moving forward in your outer world plans.

You’re relating style and what you enjoy moves away from the detached and friend oriented energy of Aquarius and joins the Sun in Pisces where sensitivity, intuition, compassion and art forms are valued through March 21st.

On the 26th is the one and only Jupiter trine North Node transit from 16 degrees of Aquarius to Gemini in influence through March 1st and offers you the opportunity to improve your relationships, communication patterns, and discernment to expand your horizons.  New connections, groups and avenues for self-expression are positively highlighted now.

I end this report with a very positive Full Moon in Virgo that culminates on the 27th at 9 degrees.  Health, work, your daily rituals, being of service, humility and service are influenced by the compassionate as the Moon opposes the Sun and Venus in Pisces igniting awareness that your spirit seeks expression and support in your systems of self-care, health care and daily living. 

The Full Moon also makes a flowing trine to Uranus in Taurus bringing comfortable change and development with money, personal resources and working conditions.



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