February 2022 Part 1 ~

February 2022 Part 1 ~

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Welcome to your February Part 1 Video and the New Moon.  I have a growing Webinar Store and recently added a Pluto Return channeled session with my Guides, they approach this time from a very different perspective and discuss the three different approaches or mindsets that a majority of people are aligned with.  Sessions and Coaching Packages are at the links above.

Venus the planet of love, sex, value and relationship is now direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn.  She retrograded on Dec. 19th at 27 degrees and will pass that degree on March 1st.  Perhaps there has been a leveling up or re-birthing energy occurring with your parents, boss, relationships or those who hold influence in your community and public life. You will now gain more understanding of these shifts and changes that have been occurring since mid-December when Venus began her “review and revisit” retrograde.

If you’ve been waiting on decisions from others or reviewing your plans you will find positive developments occurring now and into the days ahead.  When Mercury stations direct on the 3rd you also have the green light to move ahead with any personal beatification plans including wardrobe purchases, new hair styles, artwork, jewelry and cosmetic procedures. 

Right off the bat on the 1st of February is the New Moon in Aquarius suggesting very personal themes tied to developments that have occurred over this past year of 2021 as this New Moon conjuncts Saturn and squares Uranus.  Uranus is direct now the planet that rules Aquarius and this transition of the Age’s we are moving through from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. 

The New Moon occurs at 12 degrees Aquarius on Tuesday, February 1st and is exact just after midnight at 12:46 a.m. EASTERN US time.  This is really personalizing the energy of the past year through the Saturn Uranus conjunction.  Saturn is the conservative, hierarchical and structured energy of the past.  Saturn is also the 3d time structures that slow you down to teach responsibility, focus and discipline.  Saturn also teaches the balance the inner masculine and feminine or the balance between taking action and listening to your heart.

Squares often provide the necessary tension to help you move through limiting circumstances in life that are now in need of renewal.  Bullying and controlling energy has been strong in the collective hologram but it need not be a focus for you.  We don’t change others, we change ourselves and a foundational aspect of being a conscious human is working with your own vibrational fields of energy. 

The North Node transiting Taurus teaches you to slow down, cultivate inner peace and to focus on grounded and practical solutions.  Conversely, the South Node transits Scorpio highlighting the journey of karma, tending to your psychological wounds and healing aspects of self that have fragmented through negative earth experiences (past and present).  This is the reminder of the past influences that are coloring your perceptual and emotional lens in the present.  The Scorpion – the mob boss, criminal, cartel – manipulates, bullies others to conform.  The Lizard is in a neutral state watching, the Phoenix is soaring above the fray and creating his reality and world.

For example if you grew up in a family that didn’t allow for the expression of anger or frustration, Mars energy, then it is possible that natural human expression becomes inverted and represents as depression.  If you grew up in extreme poverty where the family is merely trying to meet basic survival and a sense of hopelessness permeates the early years.  If you grew up in a family where corporal punishment used - depression is anger and personal will inverted. Who and what are you depressed at? Depression is strong on planet especially when one feels helpless to “affect” in a positive and proactive manner.  You may not be able to transform your society or family but bringing attention to your personal needs and working with them in a healthy way is important.

Pluto’s job is to bring the dark, hidden, and taboo up to the surface in order for it to be dealt with and faced.  Pluto rules the process of elimination, transformation,  the dark night of the soul that then leads to a spiritual awakening and ultimately, a rebirth.  The US Pluto Return has to do with chaos and crises that are meant to nudge a country and its citizens towards evolutionary change. Pluto demands that you shed skin, write a new chapter, embrace a new identity, Pluto transits become more problematic and challenging when you try cling to the status quo in hopes of avoiding change.

In the 3rd dimensional pattern you experience a crisis in order to evolve.  In the awakening soul you learn to evolve through creativity and inspiration.  It is not unusual during Pluto transits for a job, a relationship or a way of interfacing with your world to undergo great change.

On the 3rd Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees of Capricorn and makes his final conjunction to Pluto on the 11th – conscious awareness – announcements, and consequential decisions occur.

Now you are heading into what I will call some dates with destiny as Pluto trines the North Node on the 14th from 27 degrees Capricorn to Taurus.  If you have been waiting for new life, strong transition energy this is your time.  This transit is in orb from the 4th – 18th of February.

Doors can open for you now paving the way for you to pursue personal destiny.  You may be presented with opportunities through a significant person or group or an event which can change the shape of your future and affect you at a deep level.  Mercury transits back into Aquarius on the 14th as well where he will transit through March 9th.

ALL of the planets are in direct motion now, things can happen quickly, fortuitously and in a rather fated manner.

Blessings and given the energy this month Happy New Year!




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Thank you! Jean I appreciate you and your insight it is and has been point on every time.. Much love to you! Also.. 💜

Jamie Kedigh

Everything is going Sllloow .. New Startup. I love 😁


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