February 2023 Part 2:  New Moon

February 2023 Part 2: New Moon

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Hello and welcome to your February Part Two videoscope, focusing on the second half of the month and the New Moon. The Sun is now transiting through the air sign of Aquarius. Remember, I'm working with the sidereal chart or what's overhead in the constellations. The water bear is the sign for Aquarius, which is about the knowledge and attained wisdom one pours out in the energy of altruism and humanitarian themes to the masses. Water is a very alchemical element. It represents intuition, the feminine, sensitivity, heart, compassionate energy. And Aquarius is also about getting on your authentic path to then teach the path. That's called wisdom experiential knowledge, right? Your friends, your tribe, your team are a reflection of you and your energy and emotions that bathe you in support and friendship or not. Now on the 16th, the Sun makes his annual conjunction to Saturn at 3 degrees of Aquarius. Now remember, this is what is the spiritual process the sidereal chart and how I work with astrology. How I work with astrology is very different than how I used to work with it. I'm getting out of the prescriptive model, which is another way of kind of programming the public and talking about the internal, the emotional, the psychological, the manifesting energy that's at play, as we're working with this third dimensional energy on planet Earth.

So Sun Saturn is a very focused energy, you may be making commitments, binding agreements, or taking a pause or working hard or moving through fear or resistance, hard to tell all of you are so unique and different regarding your path. So alongside this transit, Mercury is squaring the Nodes. So that's from 12 degrees of Capricorn where Mercury's squaring the South Node in Libra and squaring the North Node in Aries, making a nice little T square hit here, tension and empties out of course into Cancer. So we've got the T and then we've got where it can be released and that releases into cancer, emotional honesty, emotional integrity, being honest with yourself and with others and letting people be honest with you and share their emotions. So this Mercury squaring at 12 degrees Capricorn to the North Node Aries South Node in Libra while he's also sextiling Jupiter in Pisces.

So this Jupiter Pisces energy continues till April in the sidereal deepening the sensory, the spiritual, the Unity themes. So this is a strong growth aspect. The South Node in Libra highlights seeing oneself through another's eyes through someone else. How does this look? What will they think? Would be the quintessential thought pattern. It can be debilitating selflessness, codependence, over giving South Node Libra. The north node in Aries which is the growth trajectory for all of us is inspiring and courageous and the drive for independence and to allow yourself to make your own decisions based on your preferences, desires and soul urging. So very soul driven north node transit trusting yourself exercising moderation in over giving and focusing more on your self nurturing - Cancer, then you're more fully able to participate actually, the more you nurture yourself, to then participate in relationships when we're looking to other to fulfill us that's a recipe for potential problems.

But one of the main issues in my view for humans to clear is what I think is an abandonment issue tied to some of our ancient history on Planet whether that's the star beings or the ETS, who were here to bring us information and knowledge and support us and help us along. They're leaving can be tied to some of this collective theme of abandonment, with no role models or parents to guide to guide us. Anger, sadness and self pity. But as you remember, your higher self and your connection to these galactic energies, these wounds can heal. These wounds can heal. You help humanity heal by remembering your universal connections, and the fundamental truth that you are never ever alone. If you're consciously aware of pain, regarding abandonment, as a human in this life, or the fear of that, that's a part of your journey. That's part of your integration. That's part of your learning. This also highlights Separation from Source, resulting in feelings of loneliness, guilt, low self worth, and so forth. Allow yourself to explore these concepts with great compassion and radical self love. For some, in its place is what is brought in the addiction habits. This is true for addiction to a polarity. That's an addiction, being addicted to polarity to judgment to categorizing everyone and everything very superficial approach. Fast, easy, but being compelled to judge everything in order to make sense of reality and to feel safe. It's about healing that polarity. And until that develops, one is never really fully free to live as their true self addiction is seductive. And often below that, again, is unhealed trauma.

Unhealed traumas or the shadows or the fragments that's what we are being asked to integrate to work with that is part of ascension in consciousness. And when these thought patterns change, and are no longer necessary, suffering is lessened considerably.

Now, Venus transits into Pisces on the 17th through March 13, really bringing a lot of value to things behind the scenes to rest, seclusion to beauty, listening to beauty, feeling beauty, music, artistry, sound healing.

And on the 18th the very next day, Neptune fully commits now in his transit of his home sign of Pisces through 2037. Now this 12th house influence will aid humanity in integration of past life themes, escapism, addiction, themes, healing fragmentation, this is unity consciousness, but that unity has to occur first within you. That's the trick. We're learning to live from the inside out, not from the outside in. I see that third dimensional approaches to fifth dimensional conscious unity systems when everyone else is okay then I can relax and I can be okay. It doesn't work that way. It's about you, creating that reality within your own feeling and senses, through forgiveness, through healing, through releasing harsh self judgment. Juliana, she writes for Astro harmony, but she's now over on substack I like what she shared about this transit she writes, Neptune changing from Aquarius to Pisces represents a sea change in the world. Aquarius is a sign that is supposed to uphold humanitarianism, scientific fact, truth and stability. But nebulous and unstable Neptune transiting here has brought a major disturbance in the Force related to Aquarian principles. That is, we live in a post truth era where truth is at risk where we're in danger of losing what truth really means. And certainly we are in the position now as Neptune is heading into Pisces. We're dealing with Ministries of misinformation. We're dealing with what we're seeing as this larger machine wanting to control even more what can be said and share on social media platforms.

So this is dangerous, it's propaganda. It's the controlling of the minds of the masses of people. But the awakening with us when things get so polarized that way that is the propulsion system for learning about what's true what is behind an idea or a law that is presented as a good for the whole very Aquarian, this, you must do this to keep everyone else safe, you must do that, too. So this is the strong duality that we're seeing on planet now. The internet is now the source of information and news, but we're dealing with this extreme censorship and propaganda, Neptune Aquarius, it is an imperative time to cultivate discernment. There's a term called the false light, it operates very much in the fourth dimension doing its thing.

Programming, it uses fear programming, you can tell there's false light when they're using a lot of fear messaging. Because with fear, people's cognitive ability lowers and they fall into that old looking for someone to parent them energy, that's an old trauma. So you can see what they're doing, and the programming of that and they'll present themselves as being great leaders and of the light, when actually they've inverted that whole concept. So you know, when people or organizations profess, they are the bearer of light and truth and authority, I call them the false leaders or the inorganic ones. And that's where cultivating discernment you can see what is in resonance and what is in light and heart and what isn't.

Their power is attained through using the fear programming in order to control and direct the masses and to lower consciousness actually, the more you can keep, keep people in fear that lowers consciousness and they know that we've just experienced that at a level unforeseen in our human lifetime.

So Earth is a masterclass in duality and polarity, consciousness and awakening is achieved when you become aware of these dualities and bring in your own Conscious Light. In essence, you become the parent, the nurturer and the steward of your own life. When you give your freedom away, you're not in unity consciousness. When you assert your will onto another, you are not in Unity Consciousness, consciousness is cultivating and tending to your own freedom and inner authority. So we're seeing an extreme polarity regarding these Aquarian themes and unity themes today. So the path forward is not to fall into over giving or handing your freedom and consciousness over to authority energy that is not integrated. Rather, they are fully in the egoic fear based energy of control and self interest. Neptune erases boundaries, or goes beyond the egos polarity and judgment systems. This will heighten spiritual themes, and the drive for people to open to their own multi dimensional selves. Their Higher Self always, your Higher Self always accompanies you. And Neptune represents art and music and spirituality and a time of great renewal in these areas, yet Neptune also exaggerate and inflates expectations.

Please be mindful of your gurus. Do they increase the light and the feeling sense and the heart energy within you? Or do they leave you feeling fearful and tentative? For example, two recent experiences a woman who came to me very fearful that her husband was going to die. I've shared this before. Well, two years on her husband's alive and well. Just recently, another was told that her Aquarian Moon signifies a lonely life and she should get used to it. You have to remember anybody doing anything is projecting their own level of development, consciousness or unconsciousness into their business into their practice into their service. Cultivating the ability to see consciousness or lack thereof in others is a worthy skill to develop.

Now on the 20th, lovely Venus in Pisces, sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at five degrees. Often a deepening of value occurs around this connection between these two planets, deepening self worth. For others for self, this can be good for Commercial Affairs financial endeavors. And then Mercury picks up where the Sun left off the first half of the month from the 20th through the 23rd of February. So Mercury in Capricorn is sextiling Chiron. So Mercury is about the egoic mind knowing knowing Oh, I get this now. I get this now I understand this. And you know, then can I integrate this with the heart and the sensory side of things? The vibration question to ask yourself is, how am I vibrationally doing today, right? Now, that doesn't mean that you're maintaining a perfect vibration at all. That means just being aware of when you're feeling more dense and contracted, and if so, to reach out for those things, those crystals those energies that help modulate and maybe increase the vibration, and then

Mercury squares the nodes in Aries and Libra and trines that earth and confident Mars in Taurus. So this is developments plans conscious awareness what the sun was seeking to illuminate back in the beginning of February, awareness of the areas of growth within your relationship to self and how that translates into the experiences you have in relations to others. So this New Moon in Aquarius perfects on the 20th of February at seven degrees of Aquarius, and makes a harmonious opportunity sextile to that North Node in Aries. So developments and movements and themes going forward can occur here with your sense of personal identity and your friends with your urges and preferences and your groups and your personal path, technology innovations and developments as well as inspired actions.

So a nice month one of the calmer months I would say I've seen in some time. So be well fall in love with self in a heart based way not an egocentric way and Namaste ~





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