February Part 1 (New Moon) ~

February Part 1 (New Moon) ~

May your intuition be a strong guiding light through these times of immense change and transformation.  
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Welcome to your February Part 1 video.  External events and rhythms are now slowing as Mercury is retrograde in the sign of the future and the collective, Aquarius through February 20th.  Time is moving very quickly, the Earth is spinning on its axis faster —the fastest ever recorded. Several scientists have spoken to the press about the unusual phenomenon, with some pointing out that this past year saw some of the shortest days ever recorded.

Since such measurements began, scientists have also found that the Earth was slowing its spin very gradually (compensated by the insertion of a leap second now and then)—until this past year, when it began spinning faster – have you felt that?  Yesterday I was thinking it must be March by now? 

My belief for this rapid time experience is to bring up all of the repressed inner trauma that lurks in the collective unconscious in order to bring into consciousness the unrecognized inner fears.  These fears then express in the media and cyberspace ideally for awareness and integration.  The next step is to bring understanding of that within self and then to create and choose differently or “in the light.”

Enjoy this feeling of slowing down, catching your breath and allowing for more internal awareness of your thought processes.  Mind is a worthwhile endeavor.  What has shaped your mind?  Your upbringing and family dynamics within the home and the institutions we are all forced to participate in.  You have developed a “construct” of your reality functioning within these institutions – we all have.  We have a collective agreement about what reality is.

This is a useful time to explore your beliefs about your reality as they are more available for negotiation within yourself and to  a bit of a reconstruction if you feel called regarding those perceptions within yourself that may be in a state of change.

Accompanying this review the energy of love and self-respect is concurrently activated as Venus transits Aquarius from Feb. 1st through the 25th.  People can only meet you at the level of their own self-love. 

The first of a 3 series transit is in orb now through February 24thSaturn sextile Chiron from 6 degrees Aquarius to Aries.  The cruel and even psychopathic acts we have collectively been witnessing is playing a role in our global awakening.  Saturn in Aquarius is describing the controls that arise in our collective reality while Chiron’s job is to awaken each individual to the liberating theme of personal responsibility and choice.

In religious nomenclature we can also look to this time of deepening “heresy” or the act of thinking differently than what those who control the masses dictate.  In your own life and experience with power this ongoing transit will “invite” you to rethink  who you actually are, are you a divine creator? And if so, the choice to deepen your commitment to your own  growth and the shedding of any limiting, harsh or conditional human relationships in your past and present. 

Saturn sextile Chiron bridges your ability to love and trust yourself and create your own unique qualities and talents in a purposeful and personally satisfying way.  In other words?  GO FOR IT!!!

This transit is exact on February 9th, June 24th and November 26th.

The next transit that occurs this month on the 17th but in orb from February 6 – March 2nd is the Saturn square Uranus transit from 7 degrees of Aquarius to Taurus.  The drama of control versus freedom is the energy both collectively and individually now.  The control of resources, money, physical movement, Gaia and the systems exerting their preferred structure and “values” into the field.

This tension will propel some to fight head on these control mechanism but alternatively you have the choice to simply swim around them and unplug from the dramatic “play.”  This will be perpetuated through corporate media and the archetypes of power in your life.

Additionally, you may experience this as a tension within your own reality.  This tension arises between what you have relied on to ensure your safety and “acceptance,” and another growing energy within you that needs your permission to trust yourself and think differently.  This is the theme this year and repeats again on June 14th and December 24th.

The New Moon which symbolizes external movement and themes in your life occurs on February 11th and is exact at 2:06 p.m. EST at 23 degrees of Aquarius carrying a strong signature of change, freedom energy and future timelines.  Past discussions, ideas and plans are carried forward as the New Moon conjuncts a retrograde Mercury and squares Mars, the archetype of anger, desire and ambition in the earth sign of Taurus. 

We are dealing with a lot of “fixed” stubborn and entrenched energy this month as the squares between Aquarius – fixed ideologies and Taurus – fixed resources and money management butt heads.

A very uplifting and lucky influence is also in influence regarding money, love, friendship and support as Venus conjuncts the expansive planet of Jupiter from the 10th – 12th at 12 degrees Aquarius.  Compassionate and “active” creative energy is activated with your talents and resources as Mars sextiles Neptune from the 11th to the 15th.  You may feel strong waves of unconditional love, creative inspiration and inclusivity.

Retrograde Mercury also moves in to hug the optimistic energy of Jupiter as they conjunct on the 14th at 13 degrees of Aquarius highlighting extremely supportive and generous connections with others.  Mercury will conjunct Jupiter again on March 4th (now direct) a time when a strong synchronicity occurs in commercial agreements, discussion and plans moving forward.

May your intuition be a strong guiding light through these times of immense change and transformation.  Namaste ~


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Thanks for this. Any advice for someone with her moon is at 7 Aquarius in the 1st house?

Bridget Hobson

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