January 24th:  New Moon in Aquarius

January 24th: New Moon in Aquarius

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Exact Friday the 24th at 4:42 p.m. EST 4 degrees Aquarius conjunct Mercury / square Uranus

The feeling that I'm getting through this second half of January is really one of a deepening compassion. With this, it carries the signature of manifestation, your ability to work with your heart and then your mind to vibrationally connect to those experiences and source waves that you want to connect to and affect. On the 13th of January, Venus transits Pisces, where she will be transiting through February 7th.

What's going to happen is Mercury is going to pick up where Venus left off, certainly into February as it retrogrades in Pisces. It'll dip its toe back in Aquarius, but it will be in Pisces until about mid-April. Whenever we're seeing retrogrades, in our first Mercury retrograde next month, it means the Universe is telling us this is important to focus on. Venus entering Pisces is certainly going to be creating a deeper emotional sensitivity on the planet. All of those things that feed us, music, art, beauty are the very areas to give attention to and to expand upon and interact with.

This can also enhance your psychic activity, the ability for unconditional love, because, remember, Pisces dissolves boundaries between you and I, which is the cause of all pain on the planet, this sense of separation, when we understand that we are all immense souls traversing this planetary experience together, it can shift your perceptual lens, your paradigm, your view of things. An example of that is when someone is behaving or acting out in a less than loving manner. What's below that typically is fear, lack of self-love, and a lack of feeling supported.

That doesn't mean forgiving it, but having that knowledge and that wisdom helps to interact, perhaps move around, lower vibratory situations, people and expressions. The Saturn, Pluto is strongly in effect through the end of this month. Really, all year where there are transitions in the structures and foundations in society and for those of you with planets or angles in your chart at the last 10 degrees of the cardinal signs being Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer, you're going to be feeling this much more personally. This is the process of shifting sands as far as the foundations in society and also in our own lives for those of you that this is affecting more strongly.

It's emptying out the cup, it's releasing and letting go that of which is no longer sustainable. On the 16th of January, Mercury heads into Aquarius until February 3rd. This is quite a detached place for the mind. It's about friends and friendliness. We're apt to enjoy the unusual and the innovative. Aquarius is very perceptive in its own right because it's ruled by what? Uranus, which is downloads of inspiration and epiphanies. So, this can also be a time through the second half of this month, where it's easier for you to see behind the words spoken to what the meaning is beyond the language.

It's a very individualistic and a detached approach to communication as well, which can be helpful, especially for those of you in the helping industry. A level of detached compassion is really important to do the work. On the 20th the Sun heads into Aquarius, so there's focused awareness and consciousness. It's a nice time to elevate those goals to benefit the group, to benefit friendships, the tribe, and humanitarian urges. Then, on the 24th is the new moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees of Aquarius. We're seeing a plethora of force this month with the lunations and whatnot, because we are now heading into this #4 year energy which is about getting organized.

Getting organized, getting things into place that sustain you, that provide you security, that enhance ergonomics and the flow of your life. This new moon is emphasizing that even as it is squaring Uranus in Taurus. These are both fixed signs, Aquarius and Taurus. Neither sign, wherever it is in your chart, likes change thrust upon them. This is a year when you know that something is not sustainable. The more proactive you can be about it, the easier the passage, but this may be breaking up or bringing in change in those areas of your life that you've been holding onto.

Again, clubs, friends, associations, this new moon carries the unexpected and the unpredictable, but this can be really- if you move into this with a sense of adventure, and really we should look at our life that way as a sense of adventure, will be helpful. There can be shifts or changes with your value system or with your resources or with the sense of security as this energy washing in is part of this upgrade and renewal energy. I imagine there will be more demonstrations out there on the planet with the square to Uranus because Aquarius rules groups, and Taurus rules money and resources and land and climate and animals.

In January, with Uranus stationing direct, we've seen a lot more natural disasters, one after the other, after the other, after the other. This new moon is also conjuncting Mercury - siblings, relatives, travel, children, neighbors and communications. You want to take care of any technology glitches with the Mercury conjunct Sun/Moon, all squaring Uranus. You want to firm things up in that area, but these can be new circumstances that can be altering your personal resources. What's also running during this new moon is a lovely Mercury sextile Mars, which is giving a lot of intellectual acumen and clarity and focus.

This is a year of getting more focused after a 2019 period of a lot of confusion and nebulous dynamics and not knowing what to think about things, that's going to be even more enhanced as we move into February. Venus is also sextiling Jupiter at this new moon. Venus is in Pisces. She's sextiling Jupiter and that Capricorn energy, so this can be giving form to your spiritual, your creative, and your intuitive capacities in a grounded and enhanced manifesting manner. ~

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