Forgiveness Prayer

Forgiveness Prayer

I forgive myself for:

Forgetting that I am evolving, not perfecting.
Allowing my vanity to cloud my judgment and actions.
Not listening to my own feelings and needs, neglecting my own well-being.
Entertaining the desire to fix others instead of focusing on my own growth.
Making mistakes along the way, for I am only human.
Allowing fearful mental patterns to control my thoughts and actions.
Reacting impulsively instead of responding thoughtfully and with compassion.
Forgetting that I am on a journey of learning to open my heart and connect deeply with others.

May I embrace forgiveness wholeheartedly, releasing myself from the burden of these shortcomings. May I learn from my mistakes and cultivate self-compassion. May I grow in awareness and understanding, nurturing my evolving spirit. May I choose love over fear and respond to life's challenges with grace and humility. May forgiveness bring healing and peace to my soul. Amen.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, as I appreciate every word in it. I’m sure it will hit home with many, and will be a great tool in forgiving self❤️
This will be my daily mantra!❤️♍️

Melissa Chevrier

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