Friday, June 21st:  Summer Solstice

Friday, June 21st: Summer Solstice



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Friday, June 21st: Happy Summer Solstice exact at 11:54 a.m. EDT heralding the entrance of the Sun into the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer. Create an environment to nurture the creation of "form" in your life. It is a fertile time for the birthing into your environment of whatever may be needed in your life. The Esoteric (inner) purpose of the Sun Cancer transit is to anchor a continuous foundation resources and establish a network by which to distribute them.
Saturn continues to oppose the North Node of Soul Growth in Cancer (thru October 1st). Neptune moves into his annual retrograde today holding a loving trine to the North Node. Saturn continues to sextile Neptune. Wow! Awareness of fear/programming themes in the past (Saturn) entrains you to release and reprogram your relationship to fear and any rigidity running from the past in your energy.
Saturn brings the tension (the growth system on Earth) while he also aligns with Neptune to shift that river of conscious sensitivity. Gratitude is a powerful feeling state that leads to abundance and I've come to understand that it is a vibrational dimension quite similar to love. When we are in the feeling of love and when we are in the feeling of gratitude, we are expansive and inclusive. Much Love to You on this Journey ~
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