Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sound Ceremony

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sound Ceremony

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Saturday, October 28th from Noon - 1 p.m. EASTERN time

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus highlights our resources, self-esteem, grounded approaches, personal boundaries, personal values, gratitude and forgiveness. Lunar Eclipses bring culminations and closures.

What are you ready to release?  RELAX, TUNE-IN, ALIGN

"Dear Jean - Thank you so much for the session last night. A number of things you shared really resonated and came to my awareness in perfect timing.🤗 Thank you again for sharing your gift." LM

"It was beautiful, I will be feeling the release in the days to come for sure. Thank you." BR

"Thank you so much. It arrived just at the right time. Very helpful in releasing blocks and helping me move forward with more space/clarity."

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