Happy New Calendar Year ~

Happy New Calendar Year ~

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Happy New Calendar Year! I think of this year as a time of deprogramming from anything that feels limiting, fearful or contracted; I call this the societal and family imprints that are fed to you through the news, hierarchical structures, family energetics and society. Everyone has these been affected by these structures and 3rd dimensional imprints.

The goal is to move beyond these limitations this year and to embrace this call to feel better, trust yourself, deepen your discernment between what is high vibration (love and inspiration) and low vibration (fear and dogged motivation). True maturity and authentic individuation is the releasing and healing from these collective imprints.

Some clues for you: what are your hobbies? areas of pleasure? desires for community? This time focuses on new ways of living, interacting, and engaging. Our lives have been highly monetized and programmed for "transaction." This programming is part of the "shadow." The opposite of that? Service through purpose, love, pleasure and cooperation with other souls.

Wishing you much love, enlightenment, awakening and loving purposefulness ~ Jean

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