Happy New Year and my Guides Message to You

Happy New Year and my Guides Message to You

Happy New Year and the Guides Message to You:

Please know we are well aware of the intense growth patterns now occurring on Earth. We want to shower you with our Gratitude for your perseverance, consciousness and awakening. You hold the Universe within You and as you remember this truth you strengthen your ability to be that Light of Love and Consciousness. But, we remind you that the inner love you are encouraged to cultivate on your path of healing then connects with the outer world of vibrational response and matching frequencies.

You see, your frequencies are in a state of rapid growth and with this growth also travel those feeling of contraction as you feel out of sync with old paradigms, belief systems and some of your long established relationships.

Please know that this is normal for the times you are traveling through. The tension has been strong the past several months and although not complete you are finding that you have become more adept at self-management through balancing your energy, mind and emotions. Not all growth is comfortable or even pleasant.

We seek to bring to you knew perspective on how you asses your quality of life and human experience. Many are really evolving through this time as you learn to detach from the habit of assessing another’s levels of growth.

Tend to your world as the inner harmony and personal love you cultivate affects millions of others perceptions and energy systems as well.

We are Grateful for Your Healing and Light

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