January 12/13th:  Mars Direct

January 12/13th: Mars Direct


Mars stations direct on Thursday, Jan. 12th at 8 degrees Gemini (Tropical) and on Friday at 13 degrees Taurus (Sidereal) magnifying a situation that developed in August and went sideways in October taking you on a journey of integration. Areas of integration may include:
- your sense of security
- old issues within relating dynamics
- money
- values
- communication patterns with siblings, relatives, neighbors, children and those in your social sphere
- men in your life
- confidence
- assertion/aggression style
Now, this dynamic is strongly in view and amplified for your renewal, consideration, evolution and development. Energy returns to the Gemini/Taurus people (essentially where Gemini is in your tropical chart is where Taurus resides in the sidereal chart). Self-worth, personal resources, talents and all forms of communication (internal narratives/external expression) are awakening for your resolution, determination and path going forward. The path of growth moves beyond this current focus once he passes his station degree at the end of March. Blessings, ~Jean
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