January 2021 Part 1 ~

January 2021 Part 1 ~

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Hello, everybody, welcome to January part one, Happy New Year. We enter a number five year, which indicates a period of drama, excitement and the feeling that this year may be flying by as there will be so many changes and activities.

As we move through this time, remember to seek out fun and enjoyment, to be open to new people, and shaking off any old structures in your life. The freedom is the theme this year, which seems terribly appropriate. After the energy of 2020, take a class, join a group, grow your business, and be careful not to scatter your energies.

In effect now through the 19th of January is the first Neptune square north node, square south node, from 19 degrees of Pisces to Gemini. This can be a time of some confusion of when you're maybe unsure of your next steps because remember, Jupiter and Saturn are now in Aquarius. It's like a new landscape that you're getting acquainted with and accustomed to.

On one hand, you may be unsure of where you're heading, and on the other hand, you may feel compelled to know your purpose to know the next chapter. The answer for those who are seeking or unsure is to keep seeking information, which will help you better understand your interest, your leanings, but as I tell my clients, lean into what you enjoy, where your curiosity leads you.

I'm a perfect example of converting hobbies and interests into a full time occupation. I can't say enough the gratitude I feel with that every day, that what I do and who I am are very much aligned, so take your time here. In the meantime, you want to be very aware of acting with integrity too, because you can look back on this period in January as one of profound change that took you some time to gain perspective on.

For the lower vibe energies, this can be intentional deception, right? Again, if you're interested in a session with me, I go over the 12 months ahead, and it's very personalized. Now, from the 6th through the 16th, Jupiter is sextile Chiron from Aquarius, from five degrees Aquarius to Aries, and it's exact on the 11th.

Now is the time really to make the most of any opportunities to lay to rest any painful memories, experiences that may have haunted you, and move into those areas that are linked directly with your heart.

This is very interesting and I'll make this very simple for people who-- because I have questions on this, what's unity consciousness? Separation consciousness is ego based. That's competition and competing. You'll find a lot of people who are far away from their heart space are the ones who are really seeking to get ahead or get on top because they're always seeking to fill that empty heart space.

Are actors, celebrities, government officials, leaders. It's interesting to poke around in their biography, you'll find that their mother died when they were a kid, or they were abandoned or there were some real issues.

They weren't modeled what heart is about, the heart space of love and inclusivity. They build on that ego and that's the thirst and the hunger for power and money and success. Then you'll often hear people who arrive still feel kind of empty. That's separation. That's an over-developed ego, of "I'm right, I'm winning, I have more than you do". The opposite of that is unity. That's heart. That is-- Oh, we have a siren in our heart. [laughs]

People need to get into their heart, of really pouring yourself with the light of consciousness and love and healing. When you're really connected with heart, that competitiveness, and that need to win, just dissolves because you see that as a false construct of fear based ego. Unity is where you're realizing that we're all the same, and we all want to be loved and we all want purpose in our lives, and we all want friendships and we all want a sense of family and community. That's unity consciousness.

Opportunities also for learning can present themselves through this Jupiter sextile transit and you may discover talents that you never knew existed. One person, an important teacher or a healer, may enter your life to help you on your journey or you could take a class or study or have some travel as it allows, but alternatively, you also may have the chance to express your own teaching and healing talents and finding an appropriate avenue of expression for all of the wisdom that you've gained through your experiences. That's from the 6th to the 16th, exact on the 11th.

From the 6th of January until March 3rd, Mars, which has been transiting through reactive Aries, individualizing Aries. This has been very much- and I've heard from more people, "Wow, this year has really showed me a lot of things, and I've come to a lot of realizations and understandings that I just didn't perceive of before." Excellent, Mars is now heading into Taurus for the first time. It's shifting signs for the 1st time since June of last year.

Now in Taurus, the responses, the reactiveness is more grounded and has a more plodding feel to it, which is great. Feet on the ground, as above so below, tend to that vertical. In Taurus, you have a need to feel productive and to see tangible results.

This transit also signifies your personal resources, your talents, your abilities, your money, your earnings, the stuff that you own, and manage. Mars through Taurus is also a time for patience and persistence, and rethinking your value systems. Sharing is a theme here for cultivation as well.

Now on the 8th of January, Mercury transits into Aquarius, heating up that Saturn-Jupiter energy, personalizing it through your own mind and cognition. This will transit through March 15th. So January 8th through March 15th due, to Mercury's retrograde at the end of January, on the 30th.

The universe, consciousness, the soul really wants you to spend some time here becoming aware of this larger energy form that has taken place on planet and will be moving us along into the years ahead.

It's an important transit, it's in increased focus occurring now in the collective energy, freedom themes, friends, group dynamics, your future goals, your wishes. You can be able to ground this more and bring it in more and you'll be more apt to personalize the collective energy and ideally, this is inclusiveness, not exclusiveness. Be weary of any group or philosophy that is about separation, you against others.

Aquarius is the pouring out of knowledge and wisdom, the water bearer to the masses. That's part of the archetype and symbolism of the Aquarius glyph. People think it's a water sign, understandable, you're pouring something out of an urn, it must be liquid. It's the pouring out of energy and inspiration and insight and vibrational knowledge to the masses of the people. That's a spiritual template of the Aquarius energy.

On the 8th of January, Venus transits into Capricorn through February 1st. There's focus now on loyalty, on being trustworthy. It's a good time to be trustworthy, to show others that you're safe to be around, that you're fairly predictable and that you emanate love and goodwill to others as you're moving through and weaving about your world.

Venus in Capricorn is patient and steadfast, there's value now in your service, in your world service, in your work goals. Love is seen through the eyes of long term potential and stability, and the status of the partner perhaps, and practical needs. The love function is very grounded to the earth energy.

Venus and Capricorn can also be about overcoming selfishness, it can be about commitment in relationships, the value of focusing on your life direction. Now in the United States, the US is experiencing its Saturn square progress Saturn this month. From the second house of money and economies to the 11th house of the majority party, whoever the majority in the Senate about the future about the population.

This is a very testing time in this country, when the structures of life can seem less certain and aspects which used to offer safety and security become less sure during this passage, we're already seeing this.

Being forced to reassess plans and purpose leaving behind ineffective support systems. This is a stripping away again of systems that have become dysfunctional within the government structure within hierarchical structures. Saturn square the progress Saturn, second to 11th house in the United States and exact on the 14th of January, the United States progressed moon now in Aquarius.

It shifted into Aquarius in November and will be transiting there for the next three years. All of this funneling energy towards the Aquarian energy is fascinating and it's about money, about big picture resources and finances.

Progress moon square progress Saturn is not a happy fun loving energy either and the moon is about the populations in the country. Square Saturn is feeling some stretch, some contraction and pressure. January 10th, through the 15th of January, where we head into the Mars square Saturn and that's from three degrees of Taurus to Aquarius. Again, finances the future economy, the masses.

The challenge here is to develop compassion. The challenge here is to move out of egoic focus into heart based focus. I see some people with the ascension, it's like they're waiting for it to happen to them. You have to participate, and it's working with your own energy system and really bringing in the heart of compassion and love, self love and emanating that outwardly.

It's not something that happens to you. It's part of your hologram. Ego energy can be strong here, with those really focused on their ego. Getting more and the further away that you are from your heart center the more the ego takes over. Fear-based, scarcity-based, selfishness. There are pillars of light all over this earth.

This was a recent meditation with my guides. What they were saying is the light hanging down like an squiggly pillars almost running through the earth. It's illuminating the density, but it needs your heart energy to strengthen those pillars and to expand them.

The light hasn't overtaken the dark, I'm just giving you the frequency breakdown, as I was shown. It takes your participation and heart centered focus, to expand and strengthen those pillars so that they grow and solidify.

For those in service, it's a lovely time to meditate upon the strengthening of the light and being that co-creator. It goes all the way vertically down into the earth and upward into the sky and the dimensional realm.

We'll see a lot of people who are out of love, and in their ego energy here and in earth school this is the evolution and the growth. A great example of this I was sharing just to illuminate the food lines, et cetera, and someone's like, "Well, guess what?" I'm like, "What?" They're like, "I've had three raises the past year." I'm like, "That's great. I'm glad to hear you're not in this 10% this growing sector of joblessness, economic insecurity, housing insecurity."

It goes to the separation piece kind of, "Well, I'm doing good and that's the overlay for how I view everything out there and I'm glad that people are doing well." There's a growing sector in the country that isn't. January 13th, Uranus station direct in Taurus at six degrees, symbolizing unexpected changes in financial conditions, the ability to extract yourself from financial difficulties, earning money in an original and independent way and pursuing financial freedom.

Now all of the planets are direct this month, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn. That's why a lot of things happen during this first quarter of the year every year and with that winter, summer solstice energy, that portal of delivery and movement and shifts and changes and the great conjunction, this is a dynamic time for external developments.

The New Moon is on the 13th of January, it's exact at midnight, not 12:01, not 12:02, midnight, exact eastern US time. Again, that carries the theme of the solstice right in between the beginning of the AM hours, the PM hours. Another sign of a whole new piece of development and growth.

This new moon is what? It's conjunct the Saturn Pluto conjunction last January, 23 degrees. This new moon conjuncts Pluto and that's probably pretty much its only contact. The sun is there, the moon is there, Mercury is there, all of that in Capricorn. The theme of this new moon and the evolution out there is all about power structures in your life work, your life direction, government systems conjunct Pluto, money, economies, transformation, power energy, the ability to transform systems that have reached a roadblock as far as functionality. The potentials here are immense for you.

This can be a real powerful time for that alchemical change and really working with your co-creative self and your reality to build that which you wish to take shape and form, so they'll be new personal plans here in life, in work, in career, in the public.

Capricorn is the quintessential manifester too. You create your own reality and your outcomes, and the collective hologram is also mirroring back the collective energy systems. I'll go back to again, the pillars of light, it has not overtaken the darkness, it's illuminating the darkness.

This has also been a time of a lot of subconscious energy belching out, a lot of truths coming up and out, which is necessary when there's growth and development, right? Lovely speaking with everybody, much love to you. Namaste.

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