January Part 2

January Part 2

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Welcome to your January Part 2 video, the Personal Sessions are still discounted through this month and I have a new Developing Spiritual Practice channeled video product available for those of you wondering how to start your intuitive practice and also insight for those of you already engaged with your practice.

January is a transitional month or the bridge month from the energies of last year into the energies of the New Year.  Pluto energy is amplified this month as we have the annual Sun Pluto conjunction on January 16th at 26 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury retrograde makes its 2nd conjunction to Pluto on the 29th.  Venus has conjunct Pluto twice and will make her final conjunction on March 3rd.

The personal planets are all interacting with the Lord of the Underworld.  Power themes are strong both externally and internally as things get personal transforming your life at its core.  This is a renewing energy a death into a rebirth and getting really “real” about life changes.  Venus retrogrades bringing back in ideas and connections from your past tied to your life direction, career objectives and relationship goals. 

Capricorn energy speaks to structural change, organizational change and highlights the energy of authority wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where you need to feel in control and exercise your leadership ability.

The Full Moon occurs in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer at 28 degrees on Monday, January 17th @ 6:48 p.m. EST.  Cancer is concerned with security, family of blood or choice, community themes, home, house moves, and your emotions.  The Full Moon is what? Opposing Pluto what is culminating in your outer and personal world.  This full moon also trines fluid Neptune in Pisces ruling your creative imagination, medicines, intuition, private activities and insights.

Personal developments occur now at this Full Moon tied to family, parents, the feeling nature and your emotional needs.

Another important development occurs now with the Nodes moving out of the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and into the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

The North Node announces that the collective area of growth concerns your personal resources – financial, attitudinal and material.  The South Node in the water sign of Scorpio announces that we need you to bring balance to your personal energy expressions, exercise practicality in managing your money and resources including your time. 

Instead of diverting too much of your energy into what others are doing, into crises themes and judging others the growth is focused on you.  Where do you need to grow and develop in areas tied to your self-esteem, self-worth, feeding your values, exercising persistence and taking things 1 step at a time rather than being impatient.

How you earn a living is a focus, how you spend your money, are you in a profession that honors your values and self-respect?  A record 4.5 million Americans quit or changed their jobs in November 2021 the highest ever recorded.  We’ve been seeing a bit of a worker revolution this past year as people are opting out of work that does not pay well or doesn’t align with their personal values.  Nearly two years after some 20 million workers lost their jobs in the wave of shutdowns in spring 2020, the imbalance between available workers and job openings has given many workers more leverage than they’ve had in recent memory.

Want to get to know someone?  How do they spend their money…what do they value?  I spend a fair amount of my money on fine dining – I enjoy nothing more than sitting down to a good conversation and social exchange over a good meal.

Farming, construction, engineering, cooking and physical education are going to be a focus over the next 18 months.  Many young men are opting out of college to learn a trade and engage with apprenticeships.  This is a Master Building time and you are the Master – what are you building a home, relationship, business?  Money management is a theme as well.  Are you saving, paying down debt, and have a functional budget? 

There is a need now to investigate and cultivate your potential. 

The South Node in Scorpio may be affecting systems of support that may be changing as you are asked to lean into more self-supporting energy.  Also, working conditions and paychecks that are subject to control by governments and hidden corporate finance objectives.  Scorpio is also the revealing of secrets, financial motivations that covertly affect workers compensation and work environment. 

On the 18th Uranus is stationing direct (RX since August 19) at 11 degrees Taurus delivering another level of change, surprise, shifts, breakthroughs, inspired actions and progressive themes.  Uranus is also revolutionary themed events, trends and movements. 

The Nodes are shifting into the United States 5th house of Children.  Children have suffered greatly through this period and their care and wellbeing is of great import over the next 18 months.

The Sun transits into Aquarius on the 19th really highlighting collective energy, the Saturn control themes of populations, rampant censorship on media platforms, social activities and activism.  Democracy’s don’t function when discussion and information is censored.  But, this very control is the driver for new media and information sources as we humans seek out truth and information from the many experts whose voices are being censored.

The United States Constitution is a focus ~

Mars heads into Capricorn on the 24 through March 6th.  Mars rules power by force, your desires, ambitions and developments with authority figures in your life.  Mars is very focused in the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn highlighting ambition, persistence, self-reliance, responsibility and using your energy carefully and effectively.

On the 29th Venus stations direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn and makes a very stable and flowing trine to Uranus in Taurus.  Breakthroughs can happen now with money and life direction.  Relationship will feel more stable and supportive.  Developments in your career, marriage and direction in life are regulating as Venus slowly resumes her forward motion through Capricorn until March 6th.

Venus and Mars walk hand in hand into Aquarius on March 6th…revving up the focus on your future, friends, groups, innovation and freedom themes.

The Guides:  Your frequencies are in a state of rapid growth and with this growth also travel those feeling of contraction as you feel out of sync with old paradigms, belief systems and some of your long established relationships.

Please know that this is normal for the times you are traveling through. The tension has been strong the past several months and although not complete you are finding that you have become more adept at self-management through balancing your energy, mind and emotions. Not all growth is comfortable or even pleasant.

Many are really evolving through this time as you learn to detach from the habit of assessing another’s levels of growth.

Tend to your world as the inner harmony and personal love you cultivate affects millions of others perceptions and energy systems as well.

Blessings ~


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