JULY Part 2:  Full Moon

JULY Part 2: Full Moon

 We are riding on the New Moon in Cancer energy from the 9th igniting new themes and movement in that area of your chart which highlights sensitivity, personal security, family and community.


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We are riding on the New Moon in Cancer energy from the 9th igniting new themes and movement in that area of your chart which highlights sensitivity, personal security, family and community.

The first of two Pluto oppositions occurs on the 17th when the Sun opposes Pluto from 25 degrees Cancer to Capricorn.  Awareness is found with this transit in the areas affecting your identity, will and personal security in the financial, emotional and spiritual.  When Pluto is present the ruler of the subconscious mind – which is really Master Control of the feeling senses you know there is an essence of soul growth available to you.  Pluto in Capricorn also rules authority figures in your life and how empowered you perceive your circumstances to be. 

Mercury will oppose Pluto on the 25th of July emphasizing your mind, plans, communications (both internal/external) and may kick up some patterns in your life regarding authority.  This can be intense day for travel, family dynamics and past patterns – it you can sit with it you may find it revealing.

On the 21st Venus transits in Virgo through August 16th.  Here the love nature is detailed and focused on functionally, health and productivity.  Pleasure and pets is a theme.  Virgo is learning in this life that nothing is perfect and when you morph towards the theme of humble service – being of service you learn to release the hypercritical patterns both within and without.  But, Virgo is the master of ergonomics and bringing functionality to environments and systems.

The following day on the 22nd the Sun makes his yearly transit into Leo, his home sign and now you want to be admired and experience feelings of pride and admiration.  For the next four weeks your inner child is strongly active urging you to tend to your need for play, entertainment and pleasure just as Venus moves into opposition with buoyant Jupiter now at 1 degree Pisces.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is exact on Friday, July 23rd at 10:37 p.m. EDT and holds a wide conjunction to Saturn and sextile the North Node in Gemini.  Aquarians often help others to get on their “path” by pouring out knowledge to their friends, community and the masses.  The evolved Aquarian finally learns to focus on their path and the need to move forward in their life in an authentic manner. 

Full Moons symbolize an “emotional awareness” as the Sun is shining the light of consciousness onto the reflective Moon.  Essentially, they are a time for increased emotional intelligence regarding your inner workings, the past and feeling nature.  Developments occur now with announcements, developments with government activities affecting the masses.  Friendships and groups you are aligned with may shift, change and grow in dedication and clarity.

On the 27th Mercury joins the Sun in its home sign of Leo through August 11th amplifying the daily life patterns and focus on children, leisure activities, romantic love and creativity.  The following day the planet of the higher mind, Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius through December 28th.

We again focus on the collective energy and freedom themes.  The expansive energy of Jupiter leaves the compassionate feeling and sensory nature of Pisces on the 28th of July and reunites with the detached, technological and progressive energy of Aquarius.

Health matters and getting organized is activated as Mars joins Venus in Virgo where the energy of will, confidence and life force energy transits through September 14th.  A strong period ahead to get yourself organized, streamline your process, define and upgrade your products and services.  Virgo also rules your health and you may find you are naturally motivated to enhance your nutrition and health regime.  It is also a time to be aware of hyper-critical tendencies and OCD tendencies.

At the conscious level this is a powerful time to engage with humble service and enjoying a “task well done.”  Virgo is an extremely intuitive sign that receives information in a very matter of fact and grounded manner so pay attention to your gut, perceptions and energy downloads.  Virgo often just “knows” it can be quite sensate in its psychic knowing. Blessings!




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