June 28th:  New Moon in Cancer and Neptune Retrograde

June 28th: New Moon in Cancer and Neptune Retrograde

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The New Moon perfects at 10:52 p.m. EDT this Tuesday at 7 degrees Cancer and squares Jupiter in Aries. Commencements occur in your personal, home, parental and family life. 

Jupiter also rules higher courts and women's issues.

Cancer rules the public, business, women, real estate, cooking and restaurants. The square to Jupiter encourages a pragmatic approach to your resources and to expend only what is realistic and manageable for you. Yet, Jupiter may portend the emotional courage to make much needed personal change.

Venus sextiles Jupiter in Aries from her communicative perch in Gemini from 7 degrees to Aries.  Siblings, family, children, and relatives are emphasized playing a positive role in developments at this New Moon. Agreements and discussions tied to travel, love, contracts, commercial endeavors and finances are accented.

Neptune stations retrograde at 25 degrees Pisces and stations direct at 23 degrees on December 3rd.  Neptune is both a strong and sometimes confusing influence urging you to merge and integrate the physical and spiritual world or what collective calls "shifts in consciousness" and "ascension."

Neptune in home sign Pisces expands your experience of “separation” in order to teach you what you need to “unite.”  Neptune represents universal and unconditional love. 

Neptune dissolves old life patterns to bring a new and better pattern.  Neptune represents creativity, chaos, drug and alcohol addiction, escapism, fear, the masses, longing, delusion, vision, spiritual wisdom and sensitivity. 

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